What is the key to crispy duck skin?

The key to perfectly crisp duck skin depends on a few factors, which is why it can be difficult to master. Follow these tips to get super crisp skin and delicate breast meat.

  1. Score the skin: Taking a knife and making diagonal cuts JUST through the skin/fat layer (making sure to stop before getting to the meat) is one of the key tips. It allows the skin and fat layer to have more surface area and will allow more rendering of the duck fat. This ensures the skin is crisp and you lose that rubbery texture.
  2. Make sure your pan is not too hot: The key is to either start your pan from cold or have it on low-medium heat. If you start cooking the duck at too high of a temperature, the skin will not render properly and most likely burn before the breast meat is cooked properly.

Hestan Cue guides you through these steps by giving you step by step video tutorials on how to properly score the skin as well as setting the pan to the perfect temperature. No more guessing, just guidance.