The Story of A 22 yr Old and A Real Estate Dream — Part 1 (10k to 100k in a year)

I graduated college with the entrepreneurial bug as many of us do. What to do? How to indulge in the success of those that we idolize the most? Real estate was the word that seemed to come from the mouths of successful people in all settings and stages of my life. What in particular was it about real estate? Here is a brief snapshot of how I started and where I am today. Over the next few weeks, I will post in-depth articles about my path navigating the real estate market. I am not wealthy and don’t drive that Audi R8 of my dreams, but I am a regular guy on his way. I want to share with you the early stages of my real estate journey and how it has changed my life.

After graduating college with a finance degree, I went to every real estate seminar I could find; I read countless real estate books, and then got my real estate license to really understand how this industry works. As a Realtor, I attracted real estate investors as clients. With my passion for investments and real estate investing, my young age didn’t matter. Real estate investors wanted to work with me because I understood the numbers and how to make them money, and that’s what I did. After a year of learning and gaining experience as a Realtor and working with real estate investors, a light bulb went off in my head. It was time for me to take action and do the exact same thing I was doing for other people: Buy and rehab the property, sell the flipped property, and collect a check 3 to 4 times that of my real estate commission check.

We have all heard “no money” or “low money down.” That seems to be the theme of most the books I read and seminars I attended. I am not a fan of most of those programs. I started with some capital, and I have now gotten to the point with any deal I do, if I choose to, I can make it happen using other people’s money.

My real estate investing career started with $10,000. With the help of other people’s money and partnering when needed, I turned that into $100,000, and that was only within the first 12 months of my journey. I was still working as a Realtor and running a property management business, so don’t use the time excuse with me.

Real estate has changed my journey in life and is bettering my family heritage. What I have done can be done by anyone, any age, and any market. Analysis paralysis can paralyze a new real estate investor. Do your homework, read, and study what you’re doing, but at the end of the day, the only way you’re going to make some money is to get out and do a deal. The fastest way to get rich is to get rich slow, so start now.

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