Journey to Mo Farah … Jan17

Like many others I tackled the January blues with a transformative approach to health, fitness and wellbeing. But it’s not a 4 or 6 week task, I’m intent on seeing it through to the end of the year. I’m call it my transformation to Mo Farah.

You may have heard about my weight loss reference throughout last year on my transition from “Mike Tyson to Husain Bolt”. The pic below gives you the full visual!

Well this year, I’m going through another transition but this time around I will be sharing my journey with anyone who is interested. I have coined this year “The Mo Farah Year”. It’s all about my heart rate and the ability to do a 5K by the end of the year in under 20 minutes. Simple right?

In order to track my progress and achieve this goal I got some Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets over the Xmas period to keep track of my results.

After heavily indulging in Portugal during a New Year’s break the journey began …..

Myself and the treadmill reunited in Dublin and it was not pretty, I’m pretty sure that timer was off :)

The shaky relationship with the treadmill got better throughout January and I lost nearly 4kg. Not bad, but this year is not about weight loss, it is all about the heart rate and after reading and researching on the importance of having a healthy heart rate, my main goal is to recondition my heart.

At the beginning of January my Pulse Wave Velocity was poor. This relates mainly to how well the blood was circulating around my body. Stiffness of the arteries is normally correlated to increase in speed. Soft arteries are linked to good heart health and higher performance.

Whitings scale (one of my new gadgets) measures the Pulse Wave Velocity by measuring the time between the beginning of the pulse wave and the arrival in the foot, height is taken into account. I must say it’s pretty cool and really insightful:

Let’s have a closer look at what happened to my Restful Hearth Rate during January which I must say was my proudest moment. I was able to bring it down from 73 bpm to 61 bpm. My goal is to be under 55 bpm by the end of this year. With this start its looking promising:

In order to achieve this mission I have adopted early morning workouts to ensure nothing gets in the way of getting out and exercising and this definitely did the trick. I clocked some great mileage in January. Averaging 14K Steps / 11Km / 129 Active Minutes daily and after two weeks, waking up really early became a routine and far easier to manage.

This time around it was also really important for me to measure my hydration levels in order to make sure I cleansed my system properly in January. If you are wondering what the bottle in the picture, it is a connected bottle by Thermos. It automatically tracks the amount of water I drink on a daily basis. I linked it to my Fitbit dashboard and aimed for 2 Litters on a Daily basis but unfortunately, I did fall short of that. I found it surprisingly difficult to meet that target on a daily basis.

I was off to a good start throughout January, let’s see what February brings. I must say, I do miss my Pizzas…..

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