Thomas Friedman, in his book “The world is flat” said that blogging is power in the hands of an individual. Today, millions of individuals wield this power. While starting a blog is easy, maintaining it is a real challenge. In this post, from generating ideas to bringing traffic on the site, I’d guide you how to write a blog post in 30 comprehensive steps.

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It doesn’t matter which blogging platform you are using or what your blog is about, this guide on How to write a blog post would help you blog more consistently. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the magical 30 steps.

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It is said that humans cannot even lift a leaf without the almighty God’s consent. Also, the law of Karma suggests that whatever good or bad we do, equal or more good or bad will happen to us.

But hey, if I can’t do anything without the consent of God, how can I commit a bad deed? And if I did commit a bad deed (with God’s consent) and then because of my Karma, if such bad happens to me, is God to be blamed? Also, if God is omniscient…

It has been eight decades since the inception of Marvel and no, Marvel wasn’t always this big. There were times when sales were extremely low, there were times when Marvel movies were not working and there was a time when Marvel went almost bankrupt. The eight-decade journey of Marvel, with its many ups and downs, has been marvelous and this blog series takes you through it all.

We saw the brilliance of Sherlock or more precisely that of the writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat when they showed us how a modern day Sherlock would look like and how mind-bending has the journey been. But for various reasons of all the episodes barring “The Reichenbach Fall”, my favourite remains “The abominable bride”. Sherlock recreated an unsolved murder mystery from the 1800s in his mind palace. What was astonishing is how precisely he recreated the entire social setup of that time period including how women were treated as second-class citizens devoid of even voting rights.

Our way of…

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