During our trip to Spain whe visit different area’s and Universities. This experience showed the difference between the dutch and spanish students.

Whe had contact with 3 groups with 3 spanish students at Bau for 1 student of the University of Rotterdam. Whe had a chat about their concepts and i tested my project/prototype by the students.

It was interesting that the students reacted different on my prototype and concept. 2 groups liked the idear and wanted to see how someone is feeling. 1 group didn’t liked it at all. They told me they go to their mother when they are upsaid. And when they are happy to their friends. So becouse of that i tought about my concept. And changed things about it.

Whe also pitched at for Jorge Rodriguez Nieto proffesor in design. His feedback was: he liked my idear about showing emotions. I needed to be less nervus, becouse my concept was strong. Barcelona wasn’t only about school. Also about the people who live their and their innovations.

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