I have made a choice and picked 5 photos i made, in the street Witte de With in Rotterdam.

So when i was standing in front of my class i asked and explained them a few things. i will show you 5 photo’s. each you will see for 4 seconds. Please write down your emotion. postive is a + neutral is +- and negative is -. next to it please write down your association with the picture.

The experiment is finishd i didnt explain the class why i made these photo’s. I think it’s important not to put my tought in there heads. And keep my own mind empty without my visual association.

in those photo’s below i write al the comments and emotions down.

on the photo with the sign and stickers 5 people feel neutral, 5 feel negative and 3 didnt sign. Much called words are identity, expression, vandalism, and gouverment. So after one photo you can see agreements on emotion and words.

Every photo i analysed with words and the emotion you can see that there are a lot of agreements or agreements with a totaly diffrent feeling. Like the photo with a crowd of people. some people sayd they liked the crowd, and its a happy socialbility. Like some other people found it alone, lonely and they found it a bad emotion. So i found out that people associate things kind of the same but some have good feelings and some feel bad.

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