Without data, people make decisions on their instincts. Data quality is a completely different story.

Same old problem. Spending hours searching for data in the application user interface. Wonder why you have to wait for minutes for data to load each time you switch views.

A few years ago, when I first learned of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) through Blue Prism, there were so many bold predictions about its potential. Young and inexperienced as I was, I learned all I could from the community and, perhaps blindly, echoed the sentiments of many RPA enthusiasts. Seventy percent of tasks in any organization can be automated to achieve up to 200 percent return on investment (ROI), so they said.

Three years past, while I’ve been working around the clock seeing that fairyland for myself, the industry has already ceased talking about the old promises and painted a…

Hewitt Trinh

An RPA engineer by day, writer by night, data science student on some other nights

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