Hex2X’s First Staking Dapp

Announcing the first Hex2T DApp, PyraBank!

Within the first hour, we have already had 14 Billion Hex2T staked, valued at over 140 ETH! 🔥This portal is on fire!

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How does it work?
1) When you stake your Hex2T into the portal, you are charged a 10% fee.
2) 8% of this fee is distributed to people already in the pool, 2% goes to the devs.
3) From here on out, every time someone new joins the portal, you earn a split of their 8% fee, increasing your holding.
4) In addition, anytime someone leaves the staking portal, they are also charged a 10% fee that is split amongst the staker.
5) The longer you stay in, the more “entry fees” you gain, and the more “exit fees” you gain.

-You can exit the portal at any time.
-You can add more tokens to your position at any time.
-This is a fully automated smart-contract, no one handles the tokens, it is 100% safe.

Did I see masternodes?
Yes! Once you have 110,000 H2T(converted from Hex2T) in the portal, you have unlocked a masternode!

Masternodes unlock a referral link that allow you to earn 2% of all incoming H2T into the portal.

The ROI potential for this portal is massive. Even if you aren’t “in early”, you can still earn a lucrative ROI by just holding your tokens in this smart contract, rather than in your wallet.

Huge passive income, Easy!

Click here to enter the staking portal:


To join the staking conversation on discord, join us at https://discord.gg/ApN8BhN

Need help with the portal? check out this video:

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