Hexagon Smart M.App: The Map of the Future is Now

What is the map of the future? It must reflect not only what is, but provide answers to questions about what was, what can be, and what should be. That is why Hexagon Geospatial introduced the Smart M.App, a new platform that incorporates high-resolution satellite images with analytical tools to provide meaningful insight and answers. Unlocking patterns and dynamically digesting a living, breathing map gives people the tools and technology to address pressing worldly issues in real-time. We believe dissecting current and past trends on a Smart M.App will yield insights that help inform future possibilities and outcomes.

This spring, we put our Smart M.App technology to the test. In partnership with the Antiquities Coalition, the Middle East Institute and the Asia Society, we unveiled the #CultureUnderThreat Smart M.App and Task Force report which highlights key cultural heritage sites around the globe destroyed by ISIS and other extremist organizations. The report also outlines a series of steps for the US military and government, as well as by the UN, to prevent ISIS and other extremist organizations from doing further harm to key heritage sites, such as Palmyra.

Check out our new video about how the Smart M.App technology is helping experts fight heritage site destruction.

As noted by The New York Times, the report is the most comprehensive set of recommendations ever made to protect ancient sites of antiquity and urges decision-makers to take action, including the use of air strikes to prevent the destruction of heritage sites.

The #CultureUnderThreat Smart M.App is playing a critical role in the struggle to preserve world heritage sites against terrorist groups like ISIS and enables preservationists, museums and scholars to examine the data in new and innovative ways.