Replicating RenTech : The Man Who Solved Markets

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RenTech Man Who Solved Markets

Jim Simons: Investing Is a Very ‘Gut Wrenching’ Business But You Can Find Things That Are Predictive !

Millennial Funds

This story is for Millennials who grew up with Tesla and Cryptocurrencies.

Millennials want it fun, fast and free flowing.

Millennials have gotten wealth, built wealth, inherited wealth and made into Family Offices. The Millennial Funds are growing particularly Fast in the Asian Landscape, namely within the shores of Singapore ‘s Safe Harbor.

BRAIN AI Singular Goal is to help Millennial Funds Replicate RenTech Machinery and Performance and Reduce the Pain of Investing with Machine Learning.


BRAIN AI is an All Weather Algo for All Asset Classes and we offer it freely to the fast-growing market of Millennial Driven Family Offices and Funds. Free to start for Cryptos and System Integration needed for FX and Stocks.

All Millennials need to do is open a FTX account and provide their API KEY which has no withdrawal rights. Within 24 hrs, Millennial Clients have a possibility of making 0.1 percent via Machine BRAIN AI. A Human BRAIN AI leveraged 10 x can possibly make 3 percent in 24 hours. Fast, Fun and Free Flowing for Millennials and Millennial Funds.

BRAIN AI Modelling

BRAIN AI is modelled after Renaissance Technologies (RenTech) which has the best track record on Wall Street, returning more than 66 percent annualized over 30-years.

Like RenTech, BRAIN AI uses mathematical models to analyze, diversify and execute trades over a 24-Hour Time Zone. These trades are largely automated, market making in nature, saving on commissions and highly adaptive to market conditions.

Like RenTech, BRAIN AI uses computer-based models to predict price changes in highly liquid markets and avail users the freedom and flexibility to bet on winning models and reduce risk on losing models.

In FTX , winning models are reflected in 6 subaccounts rising equity values and implemented in the Main Account.

RenTech is so good that the Chinese Central Bank was evaluating to take a stake on a 100 B valuation. The Chinese Know the Long Term Value of a RenTech Money Generating Machine. They stay away from the easy, speculative short term money of NFTS. They believe in building a long term money generating machine like RenTech.

BRAIN AI helps Millennial Family Offices and Funds build a long term track record and money machine like RenTech.

As our Rich Singaporean Millennial Client would say:

If you love chicken rice, Make your Own!

And that is what BRAIN AI Does.

Make Your Own Track Record!

Cryptocurrencies behave like Bird Starlings in Murmuration Flights.

BrainStarling Technologies is BRAIN AI.

BRAIN AI uses Swarm Intelligence All Weather Algo to manage All Asset Classes. Cryptocurrencies behave like Bird Starlings in Murmuration Flights. Like Random Strange Attractors , cryptos are best modelled using machine learning and mathematics.

Cryptocurrencies Twist and Turn like Bird Starlings. Hence BrainStarling Technologies (BRAIN AI) to mimic cryptocurrencies and power cryptocurrency funds.


BrainStarling Technologies ( BRAIN AI ) is an offshoot from BrainCapital Technologies which received VC funding from Morningside Ventures in 1998 and a 20 m valuation from Vertex VC, the same company who funded Binance.


BRAIN AI is modelled after Renaissance Technologies (RenTech) which has the best track record on Wall Street, returning more than 66 percent annualized over 30-years.

BRAIN AI Shares The RenTech Secret

To sum it up, from the Master himself:

  1. Jim Simons said : “We never override the computer”
  2. It’s Not Just Maths. You do not need to be a Mathematician. You need Machines Intelligence and just let the Machines run constantly to generate a consistent track record. Always Trust The Machines ! Never Override !

3. Short term models (24 hours to 48 hours ) do better than daily models. *

4. Diversification over Multiple Time Periods with Multiple Time Models .

Lets Prove Validity of Points 1 2 3 4:

The Proof is In the Returns.

Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund (RIEF) a daily fund has historically trailed the firm’s better-known Medallion fund, an intraday fund that only contains the personal money of the firm’s executives.

Simply put, Medallion Fund an Intraday Fund Outperforms RIEF , a daily Fund.

Medallion Fund for RenTech Insiders and RIEF for RenTech Outsiders .

Medallion Fund is mainly intraday, 24 to 48 hrs holding period and over multiple models and multiple time periods. *

READ Google Scholars article below. It verifies that Markets have a Memory Persistence over 24 to 48 hours and this is best exploited by RenTech .

Fractional and fractal processes applied to cryptocurrencies price series — ScienceDirect

BRAIN AI offers Machine BRAIN AI in 6 subaccounts with Multiple Time Models Over Multiple Time Periods to best replicate RenTech Machine Performance. And a Main Account to leverage on Best Performing subaccount with Human BRAIN AI.


Human BRAIN AI helps to Juice the Millennial Family Office Main Account . Human BRAIN AI chooses the best performing subaccount and replicate it in the Main account. It is a 24 to 48 hour Bet on the Persistence of Memory in Markets. Everyone calls it TREND. Soros Calls it Reflexivity of Markets which can last for Days , Weeks and Months. Scientists call it Hurst and Lyapunov Exponent. Artists Like Dali Call it : The Persistence of Memory. 1931 | MoMA*

What Soros refer to as Reflexivity of Markets Happens in Crypto Markets on an Intraday Basis over 49 time periods. Every Day !


It is Simple To START NOW.

Your Money and Account IS SAFE And STAYS with YOU.

1. Open a FTX Family Office Account and fund it a minimum of 30K USD to effectively build diversification over Multiple Instruments , Multiple Models.

2. Create API KEY with No Withdrawal Rights.

3. Have a Main holding account which keeps your long-term spot coins


4. Create 6 subaccounts like below to receive BRAIN AI Orders.

10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 60m, 120m Subaccounts — FTX Exchange

5. As a rule, keep 50 to 70 percent cash in Main account and the rest 30 to 50 percent in 6 subaccounts, minimum of 5 percent each in each subaccount.

So, a 30K USD account with 70 percent main account allocation will have 21K USD in Main account and 1500 USD in each subaccount .

Determine and Set your Leverage

Weigh Your Risk Vs Returns .

A 10x leverage account can liquidate in 3 days if BTC spikes 3 percent consecutively for 3 times. 3x leverage is safest but account can possibly grow only 0.1 percent a day vs expected 0.3 percent a day from 10 x leverage.

BRAIN AI Expected 0.3 Percent Return A Day

The BRAIN AI Algorithm monetizes volatility on an intraday basis and has generated backtested returns of 0.3% a day. Actual Returns, have exceeded backtested Returns by 10 X as we have seen 3 % on a Typical Day.

BRAIN AI, at 0.3 %, compounded daily, can reach 198 percent a year*, thus mirroring RenTech Returns and Transforming into :



Even at 0.1 percent a day, you can become a RenTech Money Machine with a 1 year to 3-year track record and attract significant capital to become a Fee Charging Hedge Fund.

So be patient. It is worth it !


The market changes every day. RenTech captures the changes with its army of 300 data scientists, each data scientist armed with multiple time models to adapt to market changes. All that RenTech Machinery works constantly through petabytes (PB) of data to ensure a NO Loss Day with 0.1 to 0.3 percent on average with up to 10 x Leverage. The movie Avatar needed about 1 PB of storage to render those graphics and it’s estimated that the human brain can store around 2.5 PB of memory data.

RenTech is Heavy on Tech! and makes thousands of trades each day and micro profits for each trade that lasts for a very short period.


Jim Simons said : Investing is a Very ‘Gut Wrenching’ Business But You Can Find Things that are Predictive.

In BRAIN AI, we can at best replicate RenTech with the Main account and 6 subaccounts to mimic crypto markets constantly .

BRAIN AI helps Millennial Funds Replicate RenTech Machinery and Performance and Reduce the Pain of Investing with Machine Learning.

BRAIN AI Makes it Easier with our Tech 24/7/365 constantly running,evaluating and adapting to markets.

THE MARKET ALWAYS CHANGES AND SO DOES BRAIN AI . In November 10, 30 m model had the best weekly return, up 30 percent vs the 15m model up 5 percent. Then on November 13, the 15 m model starts to outperform the 30 m model.


BRAIN AI Client (BAC) can see which subaccount is performing the best by looking at its equity value. BAC can allocate more money within the Main account to the model that makes the most money and is thus in favor with the changing face of the market.

The Goal is to overweigh winning models as these winning models persist over 24 to 48 hours. Through the subaccounts, we can see quite clearly if the 10m, 15m, 20m model is outperforming the 30m, 60m, 120m models.

Or vice versa.

Knowing which Subaccount is Best Performing, BAC uses the main account to increase buys or sells and to maximise performance.

HOW Human BRAIN AI Decides.

There are 3 proven methods and below is the simplest method to implement.

When the markets have low volatility for 49 periods of Hurst and Lyapunov exponent and is shaped like a FLAT Rectangle.

Mathematically, we are already poised to win big by betting on next periods of High Volatility to follow this 49 current periods of Low Volatility. It is a safer bet and a buy move option volatility contract can add a lot of ammunition for even a tiny bet.

Below Left Picture of FLAT RECTANGLE is the setup .The Right Picture from our Telegram Channel is the prediction which captured the drop of 2 percent on Nov 12, 2021. RHD compares 2 Blocks of Data and Reads from Right To Left. We have 6 Telegram Channels , 10m, 15m,20m,30m,60m,120m, sending BRAIN AI Orders to Client Accounts over 24 hours.

Left Side Shows Flat Rectangle Low Volatility Vs Right Side Sell Prediction which came true.

Why You Need BRAIN AI?

You need a Machine to add Discipline, Constancy and Consistency to Trading.

Trading is a Highly Emotional Game.

You Win Money. You also Lose Money.

Humans Tend to Hold On to Losses.

A BRAIN AI Machine Modelled after RenTech prevents ulcers. BRAIN AI makes it easy to send constant micro orders to diversify, cut losses and let profits run. That is the Singular, Most Valuable Component of BRAIN AI.


Why don’t you create your own fund?

We want More Friends and Less Stress

If we launch our own fund, we will have More Stress and Less Friends.


Be Like our Chairman , Make Money and Do Good.

BrainCapital Technologies First Chairman gave 350 m to Harvard Public Health long before the age of Covid.


If you are a Millennial Family Office or Fund, read our terms of agreement, understand it and register.

We will send you a Free Sample of Hedge Fund Template.

The BRAIN AI Investment Strategy is delivered through a regulated investment fund structure and is compliant with and operating under the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which is one of the world’s leading financial markets regulators.

We are providing Millennial Family Office and Funds with a unique opportunity to invest in digital assets and receive enhanced returns within a world-class regulatory framework.



We help our clients create a Fund With A TRACK RECORD and their TRACK RECORD becomes an NFT that becomes more valuable over time as the Fund grows. They can contribute to charities, hospitals and help with missions, religious and non-religious. See Below.

We can service only a limited set of whitelist clients who sign up early. We have seen rapid sign ups and growth. Join Early and Sign Up Today. The First 3 percent is FREE.


Salvador Dalí. The Persistence of Memory. 1931 | MoMA



· Bilingual Sunday Service — 11.30 am Offering can be transferred to IREC Auckland bank account: 12–3136–0542021–00

· The World ‘s First Income NFT has 1000 ETH, and likely Monthly Income of at least 10 to 30 ETH. Offered Here!

· Donate to Starship Hospital and save kids.


Sometimes a Soros Reflexivity Moment leads to an extraordinary return.

It’s Really FUN For Millennial FUNDS.



Christy Kadoomto

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