10 Nifty Tricks To Make Your Brain Do What You Want

We sometimes feel like our brain isn’t listening to us anymore. Of course, it’s a part of our body, and we should be having full access to what it does and how it should be doing. But there are times when the brain just wants to live its life, free from your orders/directions.

No matter, how much your mind tries to ignore your orders, you can still hack into your brain and make it do what you exactly want. Sounds cool right? Here are ten ways you can hack into your brain’s consciousness and make it do what you want.

10# Declutter your Life

Don’t get attached to your junk, they make you distracted. Your surroundings have a strong effect on the way you feel and think. If you wish to focus on something, consider keeping your place as minimalist as possible. Do one thing, simply get up from your seat and do a search in the room for all the useless items. Make sure that you touch every item before deciding if it’s useful or not.

Once you feel an item, your brain starts being possessive. It will protest if you even think about throwing it out. But trust me, you will have a much better ambiance if you throw away all the junk that’s making your place and mind cluttered. Do notice the boost in your productivity and focus, once you do that.

9# Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is the best way to control your brain. When you have a healthy body, you’re surely going to have a healthy mind. And that’s probably the reason they say, “Health is wealth.”

Stay away from processed foods as much as you can. When you take in a lot of processed foods, you constantly feel a crave in your tummy. Processed foods come with substances are highly refined, which make us want more. It would be perfect to crave for food, if it was actually healthy, unfortunately, they are not. Processed foods only come with diseases and not with nutrients.

Have unprocessed foods as much as you can. They will not only keep you healthy but also limit your cravings. Less craving will result in a better focus, as it eliminates distraction.

8# Say Goodbye to Procrastination

Procrastination might be your biggest challenge, but you can certainly overcome it by practicing a “Do it now ritual”. Whenever you feel like procrastinating, just get up from your chair, do a body stretch and then say, “No, I am going to complete this right away.” Just five minutes of break is enough to make you feel refreshed and good enough to start working again.

Don’t think about what to do, as it usually leads you to procrastination. Instead of making plans, just get your hands on your laptop and working right away. You cannot instantly eliminate your procrastination, but over the course of time, you’ll be able to overcome it.

Make sure that you do a physical activity whenever you feel like procrastinating. If you happen to be a web developer, just browsing through Stack-overflow is not going to help you in any way. You brain will perceive it as a “WORK” and not as a “BREAK.”

7# Be active

As soon as you feel like you’re running out of the track, just put in your favorite song, or get a short walk. A short walk in a sense, like a short walk in your office or at your home. Even these small mind hacks, help you a lot in being free from all sorts of distractions.

According to research, your mind can focus on any work for 15 minutes straight. If somehow, you manage to focus on it for more than an hour, make sure that you take at least fifteen-minute break after every ninety minutes. Ninety minutes is the maximum you can concentrate on your work.

Get a break and then continue working. Working in a better mood by taking breaks is way better than Working in a bad mood for 5 hours straight. Moreover, we happen to be the most productive when we are in a happy mood. BETTER MOOD = GOOD PRODUCTIVITY = GREAT RESULTS. SIMPLE!

6# Fake It

As they say, “Fake it until you make it.” Fake your feelings that you are getting better day-by-day. At the start of each day, make a quick recap about what you did yesterday and what made it awesome. Even if you didn’t do anything good, just tell yourself that yesterday was awesome because you were a better person than the one last week.

Also, do not forget to make plans for the new day. Of course, plans don’t necessarily work out, but they make you feel enthusiastic and passionate to make it happen. If faking didn’t work, the advertising industry would have not existed.

You can make your mind believe something by always reminding yourself about it. Try telling yourself that you are “getting better at work which each passing day,” 20 times a day for the next one month. And you will become better at it, as your mind believes so.

5# Practice Gratitude & Be Happier

Practice gratitude as often as possible. Make a list of everything you are grateful for and you’ll feel a general alerting and brightening of the mind.

Coming to the second point, try to do as many things that make you happy. Only attempting to be happy without doing anything that in reality make you happy, will not be of any help. Your brain is smart enough to understand that you are faking your happiness, which will only result in stress and not in actual happiness. So simply do what makes you happy!

4# Pump up your Creativity

Be creative whenever and wherever you can. Your brain works at the optimum when you are creative. A lot of people try to be creative during the day hours when they are completely awake and fresh, but you can try doing the opposite.

Try to be creative when you are tired, your creativity at its peak when you are tired. And it is perfectly okay to do things differently from the rest. What works for me, might not work for you. Try it out, and decide if you are good for this hack or not.

3# Make New Friends

Be so pleasant that no can avoid you. When you start being pleasant, you will make more friends than enemies. Won’t you destroy your enemy when you make them your friends? When someone does or says something wrong to you, don’t react to it. Understand the fact that might be having an awful day or time, and it will be okay when the right time arrives.

But the truth is that your brain won’t allow you to like everyone. No matter, if they did something wrong to you or not, you simply can’t like them. How to hack your mind then? Well, consider working with them on a hard project, the time spent together would make you understand him/her in a better way, and thus allow you to make them your friends.

2# Trash Negative Thoughts

What we think, we become. Whether you think about something in a negative manner or a positive one, you are both right from your perspective. However, it is hard for people to stay along with someone who has negative thoughts running down on his mind almost every time.

You will also not be able to do anything great if you can’t control your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are seriously the ones that ruin people lives. When you have a positive, though, you will do things positive which would ultimately bring in positive outcomes. So, try to cultivate as many positive thoughts as you can. And guess what? You don’t have to pay for that!

1# Keep Learning

When you don’t learn something new, your mind happens to go into hibernation mode. Of course, you will be awake, but you won’t have the freshness. The best way to tackle this is by learning something new every hour. Yes, you heard it right, we just said, “Every Hour”.

Learning doesn’t necessarily mean that you will read books; you can do anything that can let you know something new. Moreover, in this era of Internet, you are just a click away from 1000’s of articles, videos and podcasts are surely going to teach you something new. It all depends on your motivation, if you are motivated enough to do something awesome, you will surely find a way. If not, you are going to end up in shitty social sites that don’t even add value to your life.

So, this way all on ten ways you can hack your mind to do what you want. Did you like them? Are going to try any one of these? Do let us know about it, so that we can bring up better topics in the future.

Post originally appeared here — 10 Nifty Tricks To Make Your Brain Do What You Want

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