Boston Icons version 0.3 released

Hi everyone, here is another version of Boston icon theme after one moth of work.

Some icons included with this version 0.3

This release is focused on increasing the level of quality, corrections, office files and development environments. A good amount of new icons are supported since today: flatpak and snaps, Android packages (APK), encrypted files and keys / signatures, partial downloads, indeterminate or undefined system files, libraries, databases, backups, makefiles, markdown, QML, Vala, vcards, formulas, Microsoft Office compatibility, MIDI…

Drag and drop animation is available now. When you drag a file into a normal folder, you can see how it opens.

Drag and drop animation

Corrections was made too. Color palette has been adjusted for green and yellow colors, and some filetypes was improved, arranging the design and solving bugs.

You can read the Changelog file for more information.

As you can see, expands the experience offered with previous version and is more complete for a larger number of desktop users. I hope you like this release and enjoy using it.

New icons

Do you like my work and do you want support it? Boston Icons is a free time job with a lot of hours invested on it, and is free for everyone. So, donations are open to help me. Every support is really appreciated. ;)

Download and vote here