When was the last time you told yourself, “I love you”? Have you ever paused to ask why it’s important?

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the darkest moment in my life where I felt restricted by my demons & anxiety

I’ve learned that the hardest relationship to build, nurture, and maintain is that with ourselves. It sounds simple, but is the hardest to practice — it’s a combination of the most beautiful and painful moments you’ll ever encounter on a soulful level.

When I was introduced to the path of self-love, it wasn’t during the happiest moments in my life — it was in the darkest.

Have you ever felt an empty void deep inside your chest engulfed by silent screams of confusion, pain, and…

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When was the last time you had the chance to regain focus on your life? I’m not talking about a quarter to mid-life crisis, but a period in time where the world paused due to a worldwide pandemic. We get caught up in the busy day-to-day “norms” of life and have become so attached to materialistic values because we’re constantly glued to our screens— we have forgotten how to be in the present, how to share compassion, how to appreciate nature, and how to nurture ONESELF.

“The real riches aren’t what you possess. The real riches are what you become.”…

I created this image as an inspiration to represent how I depict, “feeling out of place.”
I created this image as an inspiration to represent how I depict, “feeling out of place.”
I created this image as an inspiration to depict feeling out of place and being surrounded by darkness. @hey_jkp

When we’re in the midst of drowning in our own dark pool of emotions, talking about it with others might be the last thing we want to do. We try to swim to the top to breathe, to seek help, but are pulled down deeper into the depths of our fears of being vulnerable, judged, or exposed.

You might think that others won’t care, that you don’t want to be a burden, or that no one will understand what you’re going through, however, opening up to someone can be the best thing that you can do.

The amount of love…

*Beep…beep…beep*. I probably hit the snooze button about 4 times. We ended up waking up at 7 am and of course starting the day off with — coffee… from Starbucks. I love their seasonal lattes. I had tried the Caramel Brulé and of course Pumpkin Spice, but spotted a new flavor — Chestnut Praline Latte. It was super tasty! Tj ordered the Juniper Latte. How could I describe the flavor? It tasted like refreshing coffee minty pine trees if that’s even a thing (it’s good though). Made me feel like I was literally tasting nature in a cup.

JKP: “Where…

Driving to Banff, Alberta has always been on my bucket list of places to see in Canada. It’s crazy to think that it became a reality last week when Tj (aka Taylor, aka my adventure sidekick) and I began chatting about places we’ve always wanted to go to and have never been — so without hesitation we decided, why not Banff?

We started off by making a list of places that we had to see, then looked into hotels & Airbnbs that would be central to all of the destinations we chose. We ended up finding an amazing hotel located…

It’s been a bit over a month since I quit my job to pursue traveling and my dreams. It’s been a whirlwind of so many emotions and thoughts, but I wanted to share my journey with you all from start to finish in hopes of inspiring those who are having a mid-life crisis or looking to pursue their passions.

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Mt. Finlayson — Victoria, BC 🍁

I had been working at an awesome company called Victory Square Technologies as a Program Manager and Executive Assistant for the past 3 years — from securing partnerships, scheduling meetings, organizing events, managing portfolio companies, meeting investors, volunteering at charities, speaking at blockchain conferences, and more. Basically a two person job, but I loved what I was doing and the entrepreneurs whom I was working with because they were constantly pushing me to become better and supporting me through my highs and lows.

But why leave?

About 6 months ago I felt I hit a stopping stone and was unhappy…

3 out of 4 of all suicides are by men. What’s one of the leading causes — the struggle with depression. Before Movember came along, men’s health wasn’t something people talked about, but the truth is men are dying too young.

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I had the privilege of being able to meet and interview The Movember Foundation’s Development Director — Mitch Hermansen. When he shared his personal story and Movember’s cause, it inspired me to write this article in order to raise awareness in hopes to reach those who are struggling with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicidal thoughts.

Tell us a bit about Movember

Inspired by the pink ribbon and its impact on women’s health, thirty friends got together and decided to create an engaging campaign in 2003 by growing out mustaches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer…

Trust has always been an important factor people consider when making a final decision — whether it be in transacting with one another, providing personal information to financial institutions, receiving advice from a physician, relying on research done in the food industry to what food we eat, and more. The constant need for managing trust has become an industry itself, but blockchain technology provides a solution.

We are seeing more companies implementing blockchain technology because of the transparency, security, decentralization, cost reduction, and privacy it offers. It has shifted the way we view trust and will continue to transform several sectors as it becomes more popular and widely adopted — but how?

  1. Real Estate
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When it comes to renting or purchasing a property, there is lack of transparency, countless fees, stacks of paper work to be filled out, and intermediaries (e.g. brokers) needed to negotiate transactions. Blockchain offers a way to eliminate those pain points and improve efficiency.

e.g. I found an apartment I absolutely loved…

This a simple step-by-step guide in understanding how to access and use your MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Now that you’ve gone through the process of creating one— let me show you how to access it. Make sure you have your USB stick handy where you saved the information we went over in MyEtherWallet Pt. 1 — Creating one.

*Note: Haven’t created one yet? — Read MyEtherWallet Pt. 1 — Creating one

Step 1: Unlocking your wallet

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You can choose from a list of options on how to access your wallet, but I highly recommend you to log in with the “Keystore File/JSON…

This a simple step-by-step guide in understanding what a MyEtherWallet (MEW) is and how to create one.

When I went through the process of walking my friends, family, colleagues, and others on how to set up their first MyEtherWallet (MEW), I noticed the same questions popping up so I wanted to create a simple step-by-step guide with screenshots to help you.

What is a MyEtherWallet (MEW)?

It’s a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum (ETH) wallets and storing your Ethereum (ETH) & ERC-20 token.

**Note: For those of you who don’t understand ERC-20 tokens have no fear — I…

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