6 things you can learn from the Bear app for your business

It’s my third week and I am more than happy. I have been using two very popular notes 🗒 taking app till now.

I started Evernote 6 years ago when I started managing the product teams. I was told that to become more productive and efficient manager, you have to write down everything so you can use that anytime later. They were right.

Besides Evernote, I was also using Apple’s Notes app in my mac and iPhone. It was very simple and a minimal app but it had issues with syncing when there were about hundreds of notes. So Evernote was a better option for me. I could tell if my notes are synced or not.

So over the years, I have been using both. For short notes, I used Apple Notes. But Evernote was used for big documents, specially for my business and personal documents.

But this Bear app is simply amazing

3 weeks ago, I started using Bear app to take notes. I have been reading about it for so many months but I was really surprised to see how simple and amazing this app is.

I immediately purchased the Pro version and started using it for my daily work. And today almost half of my notes are moved to Bear app from other 2.

Bear app is not just a great app to use but also a great example of a simple business idea. And I think that you can learn some great things and probably use for your next app.

So here they are:

1. You can create a simple app and make it successful

Source: bear.app

Bear app has a very simple user interface. A very less distraction when you are typing. The format and preferences are also very easy to understand. Unlike Evernote which has become very complicated and Notes which is still over-simple. This app has created a very fine balance.

2. You don’t have to charge big money from your users

The basic version is free of course. But they have a Pro version which has the most improtant feature of the day. The sync. And unlike Evernote who has increased their prices over the years, this bear app takes just $1.49 from your pocket each month and gives you a seamless experience of syncing all your notes between Mac, iPhone, iPad and even Apple watch.

3. You don’t have to follow your competitors

Like I said before, Bear app has a very fine balance of over simple to a very complicated app. They have some very basic features. Almost all necessary formats that you can use for your notes. In fact, they are not competing themselves with Evernote. Because Evernote has a lot more features. That will be ok for some people but Bear app has kept it simple and let their customers focus on the main thing which is writing.

So what if they started competing evernote? Probably they could end up creating another very complicated app. But they didn’t. They focused on very basic things. Which eventually helped a lot of people like me purchasing their pro version and started using it for daily notes.

Bear has created it’s own space and people loved it. There are still lot of people using Evernote and I think this app is not for them. But even Evernote changed their design to make it cleaner and simpler look like Bear app.

So bear app is not competing Evernote but I think Evernote is 😉

4. You can break the rules and people will love it

Source: bear.app

Let me be honest, I don’t see my notes the way I use to see before. There will be a lot of small characters like ** and :: between the sentences. Which may look weird at start but I am now used to it. These characters are used to format your notes like bold, highlight, headings, underline, link etc. Using these styles with these characters feels like the formating of my notes is under my control. I can change that without using Command ⌘ to moving my mouse to the format button.

Bear app has changed the rules you write and it’s really cool 😎. People who have been using this are very used to this and they will miss this style if they ever try to use another app.

5. You can use the existing services to save your time and cost

One of the biggest challenge for these kind of apps would be to develop a system that syncs the notes on multiple devices. This can be a costly thing as well as time consuming. But Bear has kept the syncing mechanism very simple as well.

Instead of developing their own service, they simply use CloudKit by Apple to sync user data. Since the Bear app is available on Apple devices only and all Apple devices have iCloud services, it has become super easy to use iCloud’s services.

According to one thread in their help section, they will probably think about using some other service like Dropbox or create their own in the future but till now it’s working perfectly fine.

6. You can teach your app using your app

This is another the coolest thing they have done so far. When you download the app there is no user onboarding wizard. Instead, they have created some notes already in the app so you can read them and learn how this app works and what can you do with the features they have made.

It’s a great strategy that you don’t only educate your customers about your app but also show them so they can start using it. And the more they use this app the better they understand how it works.

So I hope that you have got some ideas from Bear app for your business. Press and hold ‘claps’ if you wanna help others reach out to this.