Designers should learn business development

It’s not those days anymore when business people used to come to you and tell this is what they need you to design. Few years ago, designers were asked to start thinking beyond their artwork and focus on user experience so they started learning user’s behaviors and started working on prototypes and user testing. But now the companies want even more. They now need you not just to think about user side but also to think about the business model. As a product designer it is considered your responsibility to learn what your company is exactly doing. Following are few points for designers from where they can start thinking about business.

Learn business strategy

You should know what your company is planning to achieve this year or next. What are the upcoming features or products they want to launch and how you can sync your design with upcoming changes? How they are going to launch the next feature and how that will impact your active users? What kind of business trends they are using and how they can be synced with the designs trends you are following? What features or part of services are the most important to your users but your company is not promoting it?

Find out pain points in sales process

You know user better than other people in your company and you can be advocate for them. Try to understand the possible user’s pain points and their behavior while they interact with your product or service. Think about the sales and figure out how you can improve the conversion. Your company will grow when they start answering user needs.

Add another perspective

When they think about their product you can think about their users. When they think about the technology you can think about its human interaction. When they think about what they are launching in next quarter you can think about what other companies will be taking to market and how you can make a difference. The minimum a designer can do for the business development is just to add a different perspective that might never came to their mind.

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