This is why startups should have seniors in their team

It’s not about Millennials.

Veterans can save your startup. (source:

3 years ago, I was working in a startup where we were 12 in total and most of them were Millennials. We were doing so many experiments and going very fast.

We were trying to bring new offers for our customers every week. Responding to dozens of customer complaints every day. Fighting with our competitors every minute. The CEO of this startup (Let’s call him Adam) was feeling more frustrating with every new update.

Adam was spending crazy amount of hours on his startup. I saw him staying most of nights in the office working on customer complaints and sitting with developers fixing the bugs. But the business started going down after the first spike and we didn’t know where we were going.

Startups are working 24/7 but they don’t know where they are going?

Adam didn’t know what he was doing wrong and what to do to save his startup that made him quit his job. He was doing whatever he thought is good for his company. But then one decision turned the situation and things started going well.

Adam was suggested to hire 2 more people in his team. They were experienced. They were expensive. They were older than all of us, even the CEO Adam (who was 31).

After a month both of them started helping Adam to run the show and get him out of the daily mess. Now our new offers were performing better in market. Customers were less complaining and we were getting better sleep.

Those 2 people started working on a lot of things and helped us to understand how to make our each and every experiment better and better everyday. I saw lot of qualities in them but I learnt 2 main things that I think you can also learn by hiring those kind of people in your team.

They can save time of you and your team

They may have already gone through same kind of situation you are facing. They can tell you what to do and specially what not to do. You can learn from their mistakes. You can learn from their hundreds of hours of experience so you don’t repeat those mistakes.

They can teach you how to keep calm

Do you know someone who never see any critical situation in their startup life? Every startup face difficulties in different phases. May be your latest app is crashing after deployment, your main sales guy just left your company with no notice or your engineering team couldn’t manage the servers on Black Friday. You don’t need to panic in these situations but you do. You are supposed to stay calm and understand the situation. But you freak out and take wrong decisions. Here’s the experienced members of your team can jump in and ask you to stay calm and help you take smart decisions.

The Millennials have more energy. They are passionate. They can work hard for your startup. They can spend nights and weekends to do everything right. That is why people like Adam looks for fresh and young people. But work experience is a very important things that millennials can’t have yet.

On the other hand, seniors may not have that kind of energy and passion that the youth have but they can help you to run the things better.

So always hire a few experienced people at least, specially if you are not so experienced and ask them to guide you when you are doing wrong.

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