The Value Map and the Customer Profile

Product/service designers need to take the customer experience into account when designing or developing their product or service. Additionally, it is also important to evaluate their product to ensure if it meets those needs. The Value Map and the Customer Profile provide a good framework that help them process.

The Value Map and the Customer Profile provide help in the process of evaluation and can help the developer identify the problems that customers face. Although different users might have different problems based on different needs — and sometimes it is hard to satisfy all users — yet it is important to work with all these problems because the more options the product offers the more customers it will attract.

Another benefit of using this framework is that it helps developers to identify gains and pain relievers and understand the difference between them. These two segments can be easily looked at as a similar one. It is important to realize that pain reliever influences gains, and it is also important to view gains as an opportunity to improve the features of the product or service.

Below is an illustration for using the The Value Map and the Customer Profile to analyze student experience in using Canvas.

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