We can do better. We must do better.
The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism
Joe Brewer

There’s a really implementable solution on the micro level to this unbelievably macro problem.

It’s called starting or joining a cooperative. I was in a worker-owned cooperative, Quilted, for 9 years. I made a living wage and learned an unbelievable amount about myself, and unlearned an unbelievable amount of capitalist bullshit with the help of my coworkers. It wasn’t easy, but it was easier than that feeling of shame you call out in your essay.

Cooperatives (worker, consumer, producer) are a real, viable alternative to capitalism that put equity and decision-making in the hands of the people who participate in an enterprise.

On May 1st, consider joining up with at cooperative co-design jam session near you: http://codesign.mit.edu/discotechs/

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