HEYBIT Beta Ambassador Program Launch!

Join us to ride on the crypto bull market with exclusive benefits!

3 min readFeb 27, 2024

We have launched its new strategy “Beta” on January 24th, 2024.

Beta Strategy closely tracks the overall crypto market with top 10~12 cryptocurrencies based on market valuation. The characteristic of beta or index investing is that you can earn profits along with the market growth! Just like S&P500 did.

Since 1984, S&P500 grew approximately 3,200% in 40 years.

In about a month of the launch, three indices of HEYBIT Beta Strategy (for more detail, you can click here) are recording the below performances.

What is HEYBIT Beta Ambassador Program?

At this time, we are selectively inviting those of you who can be an evangelist for our Beta Strategy by inviting your friends, followers or others.

However, it’s not that anyone can join the program. In order to become an evangelist, [1] you should firmly believe in the future growth of overall crypto market. [2] You should be able to “convert” others through your own stories such as persuasive online contents on your blog, Youtube, or other social media channels. If your followers enter your referral code, then they become your invitees and we will provide some special benefits for you.

What are the benefits?

There are three main perks for becoming an Ambassador.

1>> 10% of all the profits that your invitees make.

It’s similar to sowing seeds. Some seeds sprout and part of the fruits become yours. Or it can be similar to becoming a lead trader on a copy trading platform. The only difference is, you don’t need to devise your own trading strategy or get stressed by its daily performance. All you need to do is “inviting.”

For example,

  • # of invitees who start investing in HEYBIT Beta via your code: 100
  • Avg. investment amount: 5,000 USDT
  • Avg. profit rate: 50%
  • Profit share: 10%

Then, your incentive becomes

100 x 5,000 USDT x (50% x 10%) = 25,000 USDT

2>> 1,000 USDT support to trial-invest in HEYBIT Beta

When you create contents for your channel followers or friends, you need to be skin-in-the-game to monitor and experience the strategy yourself. So we provide 1,000 USDT to run it and feel it yourself. All the profits made by it will also be yours!

In the above scenario, you get to earn 500 USDT extra!

3>> Additional incentive of up to 1,000 USDT

For every invited investor, we give away 2 USDT. If you have invited 100 friends, then another 200 USDT in your pocket!

By the end, you get to earn whopping 25,700 USDT with only two-month worth of effort and even more if you invite more USDT from more people!

You just plant the seeds and the (hopefully bullish crypto) market will do the rest.

What do my friends get?

Of course, there are some rewards for those who enter your invitation code to sign up and start investing HEYBIT Beta!

  • 5 USDT for a total deposit of less than 5,000 USDT for the first Beta investment
  • 10 USDT for a total deposit of 5,000 USDT or more for the first Beta investment
  • Also, permanent waiver of 1% management fee

How can I apply?

The recruitment conditions are as follows:

  • Number of recruits: 20
  • Recruitment period: 2024.2.27 ~ 2024.3.17
  • Final announcement of selected participants: Individually notified
  • Activity period: 60 days from the date of the selection

You can check out the details of the program and apply by submitting an application form here.

For more, please check out the following pages!