Go Ahead, Shift Your Perspectives & Invite Possibility

image via Clever Girl Photography

Over here in my corner of the world, a handful of things have taken an unexpected, and expensive, turn. Though nothing truly monumental, such as a new house or vehicle, it’s more of the little things that are causing some big pains in my ass. Remember though, in life it’s these “little things” that count most. In both the good times and bad.

In my case, I have a dying 6.5 year old iMac, a $400 external hard drive that decided to fail last night (luckily warranties exist!) and three teeth that still need surface fillings. I know, I know. All minor things and nothing to get my panties so far up in a bunch about.

And yet…the total combined cost of the above will end up running me about, oh, $3200. Which, really, is the opposite of “hey, I have great news for you!”

Now, here’s normally the part where I might feel bad for myself or conjure some nonsensical piece of fiction claiming that “the universe is out to get me.” I could do that, and it’d be easy. It’s so incredibly simple to give in to negativity and remove all the blame from either myself or the choices I’ve made up to this point.

And in truth, I really almost took that direction, again. I came close to giving the frustration an out to consume me — nearly offered it my every waking thought, which would thus leave me to question each path or road I’ve taken to get to where I am.

Because I’ve done this so many times in the past ten years; I’ve laid accusations on others that were a direct result of my actions. I’ve accused some unseen cosmic force as the leading cause for my car breaking down and costing me thousands of dollars. I’ve cursed fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle for being far too easy for the tempted soul.

But in all truth, it’s me. Not me as in, I did anything wrong, more like, I’ve had a suffocating and limiting perspective through none other than a tunnel of my own making.

I believed the universe was knocking me down with every dollar paid out for a simple mechanical fix, or personal preventative and corrective maintenance — otherwise known as Health & Wellness — because it was all part of some grand scheme to break me down to size.

But I realize how I wrong I was. See, fixing my teeth was costly because I let far too many years pass without a routine visit with my dentist. Fixing my car has been a pricey affair as of late because it’s 14 years old and I’ve not dedicated myself enough to be able to purchase a new one. One that wouldn’t present me with such wear and tear issues.

I think you get the point, right? And even if you do, I’m going to write it out for you anyway: We humans have the capability to manifest every good or bad thing that happens to us. Now, of course I’m excluding acts of natural disaster and unwarranted run-ins with crime, etc. because those are events completely out of our control.

But the everyday life, the back and forth and ups and downs, we can process as either possibilities or options.

…And what exactly does that mean?

Well, possibilities are just that: these are things that are achievable, or possible, for us. Options are, by their very nature, limiting.

So, this means I can choose to process my iMac going peacefully into that good night as a possibility, i.e. I get a shiny new computer capable of much faster post-processing for my photography business and overall general productivity. Or, I can see it as a option, i.e. Run Xavier (my Mac’s X-Men inspired name) until it dies completely, and corner myself into a trap where I’m computer-less for a time and all work grinds to a halt.

I can make the choice as to which way I desire to handle the changes that constantly come; on one hand, I’m able to invite positivity and good vibrations into my daily routine, taking the “glass as half-full,” approach. On the other hand, ya know the one I’ve been favoring for way too long, an identical glass would have a leaky bottom and it’d only be a matter of time before everything inevitably empties out. Just by altering the way I — now we, hopefully — think and process things that happen around us, versus to us, we can upend the negative and show it the way out. We can do that.

Because like attracts like and if you can visualize what it is you want for your life, you are then freed up to move onto the next phase: Working for it. Put the call out and then trust that it’ll come. Because here’s the truth: You can and you’re capable, just as I am.

And listen, I know the power of belief is the Everest in the room and that you’ve probably read no less than 50–100 of these kinds of articles if you’re anything like me. It’s hard, really, to believe you will before you actually do — a thing I’d wager each of us have struggled with at one point or another. I get it, but please try. I’m trying and considering I’ve lived the last ten years of my life in a perpetual holding state, to say I’m hesitant would be a gigantic understatement. But I believe in it and myself.

I’m shifting perspectives and training my thoughts to hold onto the good in every circumstance. To redirect, rewire and rethink — or the “Triple R’s,” which I may have just invented as the newest internet trend. Who knows. ;)

In the end, life is far too short to waste time blaming far off galaxies or our jobs, friends, etc. for the grandiose or minute failings that seek to strikes us down.

Trust that you can, put that self-faith to use and watch the magic happen!

Do you have a bunch of little “ugh’s” going on right now? If so, what sort of things are they and might the above help? I’d love to know!