Lucien (Alexander McCormick) questions Jillian (Portia Secor) about what she knows about war-profiteers trying to get the U.S. into war with Iran

Casualties of the State, a character-driven, morally-charged drama-thriller. It is a story about Americans facing difficult choices when they discover that political elites are profiting from war at the expense of American lives.

Reasons for Personal and Worldwide Appeal

The film will appeal to audiences in a number of ways. Casualties of the State is akin to suspenseful murder mysteries and compelling conspiracy thrillers, filled with characters driven by subtle and moving passions. There is the appeal of the main characters, two dedicated FBI Agents and their relationships with others: their wives, children, close friends and colleagues. There are people going to extremes to protect whom or what they love. The actors deliver brilliant performances.

The film is timely. It is distinguished by compelling moral questions raised for the viewer to explore. The story is set during a pivotal time in contemporary America. There have been two wars with long occupations. Some say the wars are necessary to protect America. Others say they come with great cost to our military and our treasury. All struggle with faith in our government. “In War, the First Casualty is Truth.”

A Film Ready for Release

Casualties of the State is a complete, independent, micro-budgeted film. It looks and sounds a lot more expensive, thanks to a dedicated and talented cast and crew, and excellent post-production services. These include sound mixing by Shock City Studios, a St. Louis-based and world-class sound studio.

Casualties of the State is a character-driven, intense thriller. It is akin to the conspiracy thrillers of Alan Pakula, notably his adaptation of John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief. Other influences include the great drama-thrillers Zodiac, Insomnia, Se7en and Blade Runner. The film aspires to the subtle and moving passions of the characters in The Constant Gardener, Michael Clayton, Gone Baby Gone and Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion.

What distinguishes Casualties of the State is the compelling moral questions raised for the viewer to explore. The story is set during a pivotal time in contemporary America. This is history unfolding before our eyes, every day, in global news, in roundtable discussions about national security and foreign policy. These are issues and concerns we raise in conversations with each other, around the water cooler at the office, at the bar, at home around the dining table.

Two wars and long occupations, expending lives and our national treasury, followed by a global financial crisis, have brought us to the brink. Writer Alan Lamberg hopes this story will inspire audiences to advocate for the most reasonable and effective use of our military, because the call to military service is sacred. It must not be abused by those who would gain at the expense of our own people. Furthermore, we must demand accountability of our government. As citizens, we must be vigilant about corruption among government officials and private interests.

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