Uber for X: 69 Impulsive Apps that Leverage Excess Capacity

The excess capacity craze is in full swing, on the heels of Uber’s success. If you haven’t heard by now, Uber facilitates on-demand taxi and private car service through a mobile app which can hail a ride from your current location.

Two principles are at play here: instant gratification and excess capacity. Amazon has led the charge of instant gratification through drastically reducing shipping times from weeks to days to hours. Uber has popularized the notion of leveraging excess capacity, which in this context means using technology to connect extra supply and untapped demand. eBay may have pioneered the excess capacity business, but Uber opened the door to shifting the way every industry views work and consumption.

Below are 69 examples that are beginning to disrupt industries as “Uber for…


Flywheel. Formerly Cabulous, an “e-hailer”.

  1. Lyft: Uber for carpooling
  2. Flywheel: Uber for taxis
  3. MyTaxi: Uber for taxis
  4. Hailo: Uber for taxis
  5. RidePal: Uber for commuting
  6. Bandwagon: Uber for airport rides
  7. Sidecar: Uber for carpooling
  8. Spyke: Uber for motorcycle sharing


Instacart delivers groceries to you in an hour.

  1. Instacart: Uber for groceries
  2. Boxed: Uber for bulked goods (Costco)


Postmates delivers anything to you by bicycle.

  1. Postmates: Uber for delivering anything


Use LoungeBuddy to find the best airport lounge deals.

  1. AirBnB: Uber for property and room rentals
  2. Hotel Tonight: Uber for last minute hotels
  3. LoungeBuddy: Uber for airport lounges


House call doctors on demand with Medicast.

  1. Stat: Uber for ambulances
  2. Medicast: Uber for doctors
  3. Doctor On Demand: Uber for doctors
  4. Ringadoc: Uber for doctor advice
  5. dVisit: Uber for in-home doctors
  6. Cohealo: Uber for medical devices


Flowers delivered by BloomThat.

  1. BloomThat: Uber for flowers
  2. Proflowers: Uber for flowers
  3. Floristnow: Uber for flowers
  4. SixDoors: Uber for flowers and gifts

Laundry / Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning and laundry delivered to your door with Washio.

  1. Washio: Uber for laundy and dry cleaning
  2. FlyCleaners: Uber for laundry and dry cleaning
  3. Dashlocker: Uber for dry cleaning
  4. Dryv: uber for dry cleaning

Hair / Beauty

StyleBee hooks you up with hair and makeup services.

  1. StyleBee: Uber for hair styling
  2. Swan: Uber for beauty services

Food / Beverage

Rewinery delivers your wine for tonight.

  1. Munchery: Uber for dinners
  2. SpoonRocket: Uber for food
  3. Foxtrot: Uber for alcohol
  4. Rewinery: Uber for wine


Yplan is tonight’s going out app.

  1. YPlan: Uber for last minute events

Home Cleaning / Services

Your place cleaned on demand with Homejoy.

  1. Homejoy: Uber for home cleaning
  2. Handybook: Uber for home cleaning
  3. Exec (acquired by Handybook): Uber for home cleaning
  4. HouseCall: Uber for home services professionals
  5. Handii: Uber for handyman
  6. Plow.me:: Uber for snow plows
  7. UrbanSitters: Uber for babysitting


On demand massages with Zeel.

  1. Zeel: Uber for massages
  2. Unwind: Uber for massages


Discounted bottle service at clubs with Bottles Tonight.

  1. Tablelist: Uber for table / bottle service
  2. BottlesTonight: Uber for nightclubs (bottle service)
  3. Preo: Uber for drinks at bars
  4. Coaster: Uber for drinks at bars


On demand dating with Pure.

  1. Grindr: Uber for gay dating
  2. Mister: Uber for gay dating
  3. Pure: Uber for heterosexual dating


Shyp picks up your items, packs, and sends.

  1. Shyp: Uber for shipping

Tech Support / Repair

On site tech support from Geekatoo.

  1. iCracked: Uber for iPhone repair
  2. Geekatoo: Uber for Tech Support

Education / Tutoring

Language tutors on demand from Cambly.

  1. Cambly: Uber for language tutoring
  2. StudyHall: Uber for tutors
  3. GotIt!: Uber for homework
  4. Flinja: Uber for work

Automotive Care / Assistance

Washly for on demand car washes.

  1. Washly: Uber for car washes
  2. Road Angels: Uber for roadside assistance
  3. Trucker Path: Uber for truck drivers
  4. YourMechanic: Uber for mechanics
  5. Urgent.ly: Uber for roadside assistance

Pet Care / Dog Walking

Swifto dog walking with GPS in NYC.

  1. Swifto: Uber for dog walking
  2. Trottr / Fettch: Uber for dog sitting
  3. Urban Leash: Uber for dog walking

Sports / Recreation

Find a tennis buddy with Tennis Buddy.

  1. Tennis Buddy: Uber for finding tennis partners
  2. Fitmob: Uber for group fitness

Restaurants / Waitlists

Get on a restaurant waitlist from anywhere with JUMPtheWAIT.

  1. JUMPtheWAIT — Uber for busy restaurants
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