Arthur was such a visionary. His predictions on the future of human to human communications was right on spot. It will continue to improve with the help of technology.

The universal language translator wearable from Star Trek that can translate any language live is not far away (Excluding alien languages, if they exist). There could be a couple of startups into something similar already.

However, there’s something more fascinating, human-machines communications.

As effective communication is indispensable for humans to work with each other, so is true for us to collaborate with machines. …

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In decentralised systems, confirming transactions becomes tricky. The challenge is that the power of confirming a transaction shouldn’t lie in the hands of a single entity. There were several attempts to solve this challenge. The mechanism to confirm these transactions in a decentralised manner is referred to as consensus.

In the beginning, we started with the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Here, the entity confirming a transaction needs to solve a mathematical problem in order to validate transactions. Hence, every entity in the decentralised network has equal opportunities to validate transactions as long as they make adequate investments in mining resources.

However, this brought a new problem. The proof-of-work consensus mechanism turned out costly. It has been estimated that by 2020, the first system which implemented this mechanism needs the same energy that is required to power the entire United States. …

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The software and internet revolution was led by leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and the likes. They gave us things that were far beyond our imagination. Now, in the crypto revolution, we see new leaders who have fearlessly set goals to build the impossible. Let’s find out who they are and the change that they are fuelling.

David Siegel (The Pillar Project)

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Credits : United Conference of Internet & Money

David Siegel is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of user design. Through his Pillar Project, he is trying to give users complete control over their personal data. Our personal data which we entrusted in the hands of Facebook, Google, and even banks have been abused repeatedly over the past few decades. It was even used for psychological manipulation in the 2016 elections. David Siegel is on a mission to enforce the user’s right to privacy through his Pillar Project. …


Febin John James

Author of Cloud Is a Piece of Cake

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