A simple surgery

It was a mime practice. All I did was the “revolving thing”, next moment I fall down having an electric shock on my left leg . I lifted my head to see the dislocated bone. I FREAKED OUT !!! . An uncle over there took courage and put the bone back. (Thank you). I was later admitted to baptist hospital.(Thank you Gikki uncle).

I am more comfortable in an operation theatre than being in an MRI room. That giant machine just scares me. It pulled me just enough to show the header of the warning message. It said warning in bold letters and I think they had some “laser” word in the message. More scary! Then you have to hear this creepy sounds for a long time. I started reciting psalms 91. Suddenly, I could hear the machine running faster. I lost the flow, some lines from 23,121 some from lords prayer and the list goes on. I actually composed a new psalm then and there.

Doctor was explaining the MRI results, all I could hear was the word “SURGERY”. Last surgery on my thumb was really painful. I can’t bear this. I tried a second opinion.

I had no options, I got to have a surgery. It was scheduled on 24 Jan 2017. I made up my mind.

23 Jan 2017

I arrived early at Columbia Asia. Dr.Lissy and Sheela aunty helped me with the insurance. (Thanks a ton). I was reading this book.

It’s an amazing book on how Israel grew as a strong nation with enemies around them. Very inspiring !

Anand turned up. This hospital is his second home. We took a pre surgery selfie.

Sharath & Saru are also here. I was allocated a room. I prefer a colourful environment. Not too much , at least a little bit. This room was completely opposite. I am prone to mood swings in these kind of rooms. Luckily OT had a light shade of green but.. (I will get back to this ). Anyways here’s the welcome kit.

Doctor explained the surgery, gave me two options.

  1. General Anaesthesia
  2. Local Anaesthesia

I was told in the first option you wouldn’t know anything. In the second one you will be conscious , only a part of your body will be numb. This changed things for me. I don’t want to sleep through this. I felt I am missing something important. I became curious. I thought this would be an amazing experience. I had only seen these in movies (I can’t count my first surgery). Now fear turned into excitement. I will turn 25 in a week. Life’s just starting. I might have to face more of these. I want to get used to these surgeries. At this moment I realised fear is just a switch in your brain. Just change your perspective and you can control the switch.

24 Jan 2017

I opted for local anaesthesia. I can’t wait for the surgery. I woke up at 05.00 AM. I was taken to OT. The mode of transportation on the bed was really cool. As I mentioned earlier OT had a shade of green, Well Designed !

Two people introduced themselves as my anaesthetists. They spoke about giving me general anaesthesia. WHAT? Are you sure ? I was told the local one.

I was injected with the anaesthesia liquid or whatever they call it. “Febin, you will now go to sleep” . My thoughts were like this “I am going to keep myself awake. This thing can’t make me sleep. I have control over myself. You can’t have Febin so easi….”

The next moment I woke up half naked. I was told my surgery was over. WHAT? NO! This can’t be true. I felt dizzy. I had to accept it. I was transported back to my room.

I felt no pain. However they tied my leg tight. I couldn’t move . I thought I would be discharged same day, however I was told to wait 24 hours.

It was all good till I got a message from Anand. I got to know he was give gyaan from one of my relatives. Poor guy who spend whole night outside without sleep got gyaan from a person who turned up the next day. I felt bad. The room was fertile for my mood swing.

I made my silent protest. It wasn’t his fault. I had high laxity on my joints since birth. I stopped responding to people around me. I acted like I was in a comma (staring at the curtains with a sad face. I have the ability to cry at will. That came handy). I am gonna teach every relative in this planet a lesson. This story will be remembered. This is what I thought.


Sharath turned up. I had to break my comma. He brought me gifts from Santhu. Santhu runs a small startup in Banashankari. He is very famous for his lemon tea. He also sell other products like coffee, buns , biscuits, chocolates, etc. I was also given the privilege to choose a name for his daughter (few months old) :-) .

Columbia Asia don’t allow these things. Sharath had smuggled it inside. I couldn’t help my smile. I forgot everything else. I will be visiting his startup very soon :) .

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