The non-linear progression of dreams

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Since I was a child, I’ve always been curious about dreaming and all its interactions with human mind and the environment around us. Any kind of experience was well received and studied afterwards. But despite all effort and past experiences I can surely tell that we, as humans, are very far away from completely knowing the true nature of dreams, the reasons behind them and their abstract concept.

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.” Sigmund Freud

This guy here wrote a book named “The Interpretation of Dreams” back in 1899 and there he stated that there are three types of dreams:

  • Prophetic dreams.
  • Foretelling dreams.
  • Symbolic dreams.

The categories pretty much speaks for themselves and we are here to discuss the latter one, not in the interpretative way but in the way it happens.

And that’s only because I don’t wanna see myself being chased by the monster of the upside-down in any future event.

Little we know how does our minds work in the state of dreaming, but for sure we know what we are dreaming, and they happen to follow a very broken straight line with none or very unclarified main purpose. It’s very clear that there are moments when you have a simplified idea on what’s going on, but as quickly as you fall in that state of control something completely bananas happens. You can’t just dream of being on the subway staring to a well-looking person in front of you for 5 minutes (as you would normally do), it is obvious that 5 seconds later you’ll get to Asunción or you’ll reach to your biological lost rich father’s palace, and it’s sad but true that you can never predict what will go next as you dive deeper into your dream.

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In a theoretical way, dreams do take part in The Many-worlds Interpretation, which says that there are an infinitely big number of outcomes for every action; in dreams these are everyone but those that follow a logical link between the action and the outcome.

From what I’ve learned, the more you control a dream the more you are aware that you’re sleeping, and this fits well vice-versa: once you know you’re dreaming you have your mind thinking and trying to create a structured linear way to every action taken, but now you have your conscious and your unconscious playing against each other. One trying to find causes and reasons to every unpredictable move the other one makes.

“Now, on a dream, our mind continually does this, we create and perceive our world simultaneously.” — Academy Award Winner: Leonardo ‘SiOscaro’ DiCaprio
Dom(Leo) ’s explanation about the progress of dreams.

Inception gives us a great yet simple idea (pun intended) of what dreams are made of: pure and uncontrolled creativity. Dreaming beings that have little to none certainty about what are their architectural minds are creating and perceiving, making dreams a spectacular nonlinear happening. Now, we know where we hope this train will take us, but we can’t be sure. Yet it doesn’t matter. Now, tell me why?