Every technology is essentially neutral. It is the way in which humans make use of technology that creates beauty or terror. Humans have long been fascinated by both, and very often one leads to the other.

This is a conundrum to which there is no absolute solution.

Humans by nature are both curious and creative. They are also emotional creatures, in spite of their apparent increased reverence for logic and reason.

The combination of these three elements — curiosity, creativity, and emotion — are also essentially neutral. And that is why everyone feels like the hero in their own story…

In conventional reality, they say “ghosting” to describe someone who quietly and intentionally disappears from your life. A friend, a lover — when they stop texting, stop communicating, fade out, it is ghosting.

In Virtual Reality, however, the meaning is different. Ghosting is the experience of being immersed in VR-space, while someone in conventional reality touches you.

It’s the strangest thing. You can’t see or hear the person in conventional reality, but on the other side, in VR-space, you feel them. Your brain can’t make sense of it, because the VR world is so complete and designed so thoughtfully.


Hey Francesca


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