Thank you for the story, Francesca.
Bob Stuart

Appreciation for your words, Bob. I know a woman who works with people who are disabled or have experienced trauma and as a result have tremendous difficulty experiencing pleasure or sexual sensation. Sometimes she works with the medical team, and sometimes she’s hired as an independent therapist or consultant. She is someone I could imagine incorporating VR into her practice, finding a way to leverage that tool with her human work.

Laws vary state to state. Medical marijuana is a good example of a plant that is regulated differently, and used in a wide range of ways. Let’s face it, for every cancer patient who nibbles an edible to help alleviate the pain of chemo and boost appetite, there are kids throwing back THC gummy bears just for fun. Similarly, MDMA is still being researched as a possible treatment for a number of mental health issues — and is till the “love” drug of preference for festivals and parties.

There are many ways to use many things. So, yes to your observation that DUST could be approved for use in certain situations, under regulation, and in certain states.

In the meantime, those who enthusiastically participate in medicine journeys, psychedelics, holotropic breathwork, and recreational drugs will continue to be at the forefront of exploring the intersection of technology, biochemistry, and the human experience.