“Do you know what every successful man has in common?”

He looked at me intently while I tried to appear thoughtful, as if guessing at what wisdom he would share next.

“I can’t imagine,” I said, “Is it 8 hours of sleep each night?”

“No, that’s not it,” he said, and took a pause for dramatic effect, his eyes sparkling.

“The one thing that every successful man has in common, and this has been proven time and time again, is. . . a woman’s love.

I smiled and sighed and laughed gently, and he beamed.

And it made me wonder, that if it was really true. . . then my love becomes a rather critical asset in a man’s success.

And suddenly I began to wonder about the nature of my investment with this particular man.

Let us say that I am an Angel Investor. My investment is the one thing that can make an otherwise mediocre man truly successful, to catalyze and accelerate his development and empire building, in accordance with the theory shared so sincerely over dinner the other night.

Where shall I invest? What is my risk tolerance? Which man among them all is the most attractive prospect? Which might generate the most satisfying return? What is my end game? Any responsible investor asks such questions.

Due diligence.

I invest my own love, time, and energy in men whom I believe show potential to receive that investment and do something extraordinary with it. I will believe in him, and help him transform into the man he has the potential to become — but, without appropriate investment, will never fully realize.

If he seems promising, and I like what he’s creating in the world, and I believe I can make a significant impact in the outcome, then I may invest.

My portfolio is diverse, but the key levers for me are community influence (scalability — will my investment ripple across a social eco-system in a powerful way), and systems-level impact (diversity — how many nodes out and which relationship clusters will be touched).

Now that he has named this thing — a woman’s love — my mind is racing behind my smile, as we share dessert.

He is a man of ambition, and I sense him thinking, You could be a part of this!

But his causes and means do not interest me deeply.

Moreover, I sense the operating cost will be too high and inefficient. For every hour of energy and attention I invest, it costs me three — and he extracts perhaps 30-mins of real value from it.

No, this won’t do at all.

Something in my mind clicks over, and I know this is finished for good.

I hope he finds the Angel he’s looking for.

This particular Angel is going to pass.