LARAVEL: How to make multiple inserts from inputs

Gabriel Guerra
Feb 27 · 2 min read

Sometimes we need more than just a simple insertion. For example: imagine you are saving answers from a briefing. Maybe you just don’t even know what questions are or maybe you just hate typing unecessarily.

In way or another you can save the inputs very easily in Laravel.

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We’ll make use of the method except() from the Request Class (

But first, you must check two little things:

  1. If the method you’re using to process the inserts is receiving Request by parameter. If not so, add “Request $request” to your method.
  2. If your model have the attribute “fillable” properly set. There, should be defined the fields you want to allow what Laravel calls “Mass assignment”.

Excerpt from the Laravel manual:

Mass Assignment

You may also use the create method to save a new model in a single line. The inserted model instance will be returned to you from the method. However, before doing so, you will need to specify either a fillable or guarded attribute on the model, as all Eloquent models protect against mass-assignment by default.

Now let’s talk about the except() method. It’s a simple way to get all your submitted form inputs, except the ones you pass through parameter to the method. Like the example below:

$inputs = $request->except('_method', '_token');

That code sample up above is excluding _method and _token values from the inputs array.

You can use this technique to exclude all the fields you don’t need.

Now that we have just the inputs we want, let’s loop through the array and set an insert for each iteration:

foreach ($inputs as $key => $value) {    //Instantiate your object
$answers = new QuestionAnswers;

//Set the fields and values for the insertion
$answers->briefings_id = 4;
$answers->questions_id = $key;
$answers->answer = $value;

//Do the insertion

That’s it! You’ve done it :)

Gabriel Guerra

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Creative FullStack Developer

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