Being in solitude confinement will drown you deep into the ocean of thinking, and teach you to breath well under it.

In such predicament I faced in life, I’ve come to realise that I’m not even facing predicament at all. It is all under my thought. I learned to forgive whatever fault I’ve made and though admit it as it all wrong and just beginner’s mistakes. Every time I slip through, I picked myself up again, again, and again, and again.

First off all know that every people, friends, just about everyone you see are invaluable. Maybe they don’t understand you and probably they won’t. But that doesn’t matter. You have to understand, they live a different life. They don’t experience what you experience. So don’t expect to win in any kind of argument.

I’ve seen a lot of troubles in my colleagues. They petrified, cried, and they just clueless about what this world is about to give them. They experiences this feeling of anxiety, depressions, disappointment. Some says they are weak but yet they gain something from it. everything is meaningful.

“Consciousness grows from suffering.”

The more you felt under pressure the more you begin to realise that you have to look after things that matters more. Sometimes what we suffer from is not something that we should suffer from. Because it just life, it happens to be trivial circumstances that if we mindfully think about we could determine better ways to solve those problems.

If you think vaster in higher sight you could think of. You know how small we are in this universe and there is nothing to be fear but there are lots to discovers.

The biggest fight is to overcome yourself. If you can control your lust, anger or emotions, you can pretty much control anything. It doesn’t have to be some kind of superpower it takes simple thing “just do it” as the shoe says. In this vast unquestionable universe there’s so many to questions and to doubt but yet you have to believe in something, something that will illuminate every obstacles you face.

Eventually you will grow to be a stoic.