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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: (Generalized) Mining as a Corporate
  2. Infrastructure Provider Perspective & Incentives
  3. Investor Perspective & Proof-of-Stake
  4. Network Perspective & Enterprise Right-to-Play
  5. So… why T-Systems and telcos again?
  6. Summary & Outlook

1. Introduction: (Generalized) Mining as a Corporate

In July 2020, our team at T-Systems MMS, subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (Europe’s largest telco, parent of T-Mobile) has started providing an IT service to a public blockchain network. Despite IT service provisioning being pretty much our daily business, this time it is slightly different. …

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Image from Archillect

The creation of a Metaverse VC, a Digital Currency Group backed venture capital fund, investing exclusively in companies building products and services for Decentraland pushed me to share an old concept of mine I came up in summer 2016 with the similar name — Metaverse. Instead of it being buried in some ancient folder I might never open, I decided to publish it here in hope some readers find it entertaining.

The concept resembles a mix of what FOAM and Decentraland came to be in my opinion.

Table of Content:

1. How Pokémon GO developers’ mistake created a brand new market and no one…

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Crypto mood in 2018. Image from Archillect

2018 has been a rough year for crypto in general. This is felt even stronger after the meteoric rise of 2017, which carried many people away, me not being exception of course. A year ago everyone was making retirement plans, browsing through Bali mansions on Airbnb, and picking a color for the Balenciaga sneakers and so on… or so I heard from a close friend of mine.

All of these dreams crashing is a good thing (at least this is how many counsel themselves). The carnage of the market and being as many call it #rekt, is a perfect time to look make a reality check of the technology and its fundamentals, not being consumed by speculation and price charts. …


Gleb Dudka

Blockchain Analyst & Researcher | Staking and Generalized Mining | Infrastructure Provision | Cryptoeconomics: @TSystems_MMS, @StakingRewards, ex @Astratum_

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