Blockchain Infrastructure Thesis 2.0 — From a Corporate to a Micro Crypto “Hedge Fund”

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: (Generalized) Mining as a Corporate

Intro to Blockchain Infrastructure

2. Infrastructure Provider Perspective & Incentives

3. Investor Perspective & Proof-of-Stake

4. Network Perspective — Role of enterprises in Web3 infrastructure provisioning

DeFi, Staking-aaS… and also food, just in form of coins

5. So… why T-Systems and telcos again?

From telephony to Web3 network infrastructure. (Source: Archillect)

6. Summary & Outlook

Banks gonna become way smaller and software-first. (Source: Archillect)
TLDR put very eloquently

About the author

6. Sources

Blockchain Analyst & Researcher | Staking and Generalized Mining | Infrastructure Provision. VC @GreenfieldOne, @StakingRewards, ex Deutsche Telekom