We all agree that police should basically be social workers

I only read the headline: “People are getting killed”

Wow. That’s the future

The Midwest
Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis

The Rust Belt is rusted out
It’s Baltimore writ large

You’re right about drugs
Drugs are always a fuel for violence
But there’s a larger pattern

The police violence we’ve seen
That’s not new, it’s newly visible

There’s a one-two punch
Violence follows drugs
Police contain violence

Fight them there
So we don’t have to fight them here

We are a nation of forgotten corners
Tucked away, the armpits of the city

Drug laws gutted those communities
It’s shameful

Pockets of people, wrapped in a freeway
Swarmed by buzzards
The bones of the houses picked clean and burned
It’s astonishing

The city created them

Some places are newly valuable
Brooklyn, Oakland
Gentrification on the march

The coasts are afloat in an ocean of opportunity

But in a place like Chicago or St. Louis or Detroit
Whole cities are dying
The abandoned, in a sea of decay

The economy left the Midwest behind

Chicago has been in the news for years
How do you imagine that you could reduce violence?

Like rebuilding Iraq with soldiers
Policing is the wrong tool
Outstretched arms, pointing a pistol

Drugs follow sorrow
Not the other way around