B2B Brands that Tweet Bossy GIFS

I joined #Hootchat today and the topic was GIFs. Who knew there was so much to say?

Mainly we discussed why they’re awesome, how they’re good at conveying emotions, and therefore useful when building communities. It was also a chance for some pros to share best practices.

I must applaud the teams at @Hootsuite and GIPHY for partnering on this great work. I mean….look at this genius tweet:

Twitter chats are no joke and @Hootsuite does a great job with #Hootchat (Thursdays at 12PT/3ET)

Anyway, today’s discussion made me think about B2B brands and GIFs. Sure, you might think they don’t go hand in hand.

That said, depending on your brand voice, there’s always an opportunity to produce or at least curate shareable animated visual content!

Here are some brands that do a great job….

  1. @GrindrLabs

Target audience: tech / startups / hackers / equality advocates

What I dig: Design wise, its a bold statement with simple messaging. The tweet hits the mark by driving attention to the hashtag.

2. @Google

Target audience: analysts / digital marketers / geeks / designers

What I dig: Google Trends as a product is clearly aimed at marketing analysts. To be honest, I didn’t know Google Trends existed and now I do because of this GIF.

3. @Hootsuite

Target audience: marketing and social pros, bloggers, community managers

What I dig: This audience is not an easy one. People who fit in this audience see and hear noise all day long, so it’ll take an extra special something to get them to notice. This tweet combines a fun pop culture moment with some professional guidance.

4. @Cisco

Target audience: business owners, operations people, techies

What I dig: You can’t go wrong with a super hero nod — it’s the epitome of internet culture. Double click.

5. @Microsoft

Target audience: enterprises, techies, startups

What I dig: The colors. It’s youthful. It’s slightly Google reminiscent it’s still example of what software company can in terms of visual content.

What am I missing? Which B2B brands tweet awesome GIFs?

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