10 Reels Instagram Ideas for Your Next Post

Ian Nguyen
4 min readAug 9, 2020


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About Reels

Reels is a new Instagram feature that was introduced on August 5th, 2020. Reels allows users to create a 15-second video loop with text annotations, emoji stickers, camera filters and effects, frame aligning and video speed adjustments. Instagram says that you can “share reels with your followers on Feed, and, if you have a public account, make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new space in Explore.” Read more on their blog announcement to learn more about Reels

The Sibling of Vine and Tik Tok

Vine, then Tik Tok led the way to classic social media memes that everyone raves about. There are successes on each platforms in the format of quick content delivery within videos in a few seconds. Each platforms provide their own editing tools, which in turn produce different video formats and contents. For example, Tik Tok allows you to create dual frames in a video so you can interact with other’s contents, called “Duet”. Meanwhile, Instagram Reels doesn’t have that feature. You should also remember each platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram or Vine will have different audience demographic, and everyone likes different things. So you should test the water first before diving in. Look at 10 Reels content idea below to get inspired:

10 Instagram Reels Video Ideas for Your Next Post

Here’s some ideas I compiled from watching Tik Tok and Instagram video compilations that gathered thousands of views

  1. Stories that show who you are and your past experiences: People often seek out others sharing similar experiences, maybe you have something in common that your peers want to know as well!
  2. Musical content (bonus if done using unusual instruments): We all love to tune in people playing tuba and the oven door as instruments (ahem...the when mom isn’t home video). Music is the rhythm of life and everyone loves finding new tunes to vibe to, so why don’t you share your vibe with others?
  3. People’s reactions to events: Sometimes we watch videos not for the plot, but the characters’ reactions and personalities. They’re entertaining, funny and hilarious, or empathetic and understanding. Sometimes, we can even relate to them in real life
  4. Old school shows, celebs: This is for the exclusive club of 90s kids. Our childhood gave us so many wonderful memories that you just can’t get in the modern times. How about a throwback to an obscure show that everyone watched but forgot?
  5. Music lip-syncs with hilarious expressions: Music content definitely vibes well with multiple personalities and other tricks. Show off your wacky lip-sync tricks that will win its way to America’s Got Talent!
  6. “Accidents” during filming video: If you like “epic fail video compilation” on Youtube, then you’ll love this type of content. People trying too hard to do something and end up failing in a comical fashion. Sometimes, brands also create this type of video to create attraction to their messages. Take public PSAs for example. These videos present an experience that reminds audience to be mindful before they do something
  7. Animal content: Who doesn’t love your cute puppy or his hilarious shenanigans? We love our pets, humanitarian animal rescue moments and animal facts. If you have the knowledge and the spirit, share some helpful tips for fellow pets’ owners, or a video of your bunny eating carrots (that works for me)
  8. Cooking videos with easy steps and recipe: We eat to live and we live to eat. Exploring a new recipe that makes us drool over is a top-notch moment. From Dalgona coffee to cloud bread, new recipes entice us to try new things, or just to satisfy our cravings
  9. Unexpected twists: A good story usually include inciting incident, rising actions, climax and resolution, plus some unexpected twists. Telling a good story usually includes these elements, but you have to do it in a faster way since Reels gives you only 15 seconds to tell everything
  10. Star signs contents: What does your star sign say about you? We like to learn about ourselves and share relatable experience to others and star sign content is a great conversation starter. Looking up on common traits for each signs and linking them to your branded content is a good way to start.

Just the Beginning

I hope you found these 10 Reels Instagram ideas helpful for your next post. Keep reaching out and thinking about contents that your audience want to see and engage with. Feel free to reach out to me here if you have any new ideas that catch your attention. Keep exploring and keep those cameras rolling!



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