The fact that we call it work/life balance automatically implies that one of the two is negative and we need to balance it with the other.
Work/Life balance is bullshit.
Tobias van Schneider

That is why I don’t believe in work/life balance.

Majority of the people are dreading and suffering just to make it at the end of the week, for a temporary relief, escape from reality, but as soon as the next week starts, the weekly grind comes again.

People hate things that are stagnant, things that don’t make them excited, things that usually happen in an endless cycle in our everyday lives.

Just as what Tobias said, work is a part of life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must find a work that you love doing, but rather, find something you’re good at and at the same time, find some motivation or inspiration for that constant drive.

At the end of the day, keeping yourself motivated to do things is better than to waiting for the week to end.

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