Why you should stop making others happy and start pointing them in the right path (by making yourself happy)

Some people believed that in order for you to live a happier life, you must at least make the people around you happy. But what if in the process of doing that, makes you unhappy instead? Is it still worth it? Isn’t it that you wanted most is to live a happier life?

I learned that the hard way.

Convincing myself to think that in order for me to be “truly happy” I would definitely need to cope up with people and know what makes them happy so I would do something for them, in return, would eventually give out a feeling of accomplishment that will suddenly make me happy. WRONG.

Spending so much of my time making them people happy, I have forgotten about myself, why I do it and how would I benefit from it. I have never thought about the drawbacks, about the risks of sacrificing my time for others’ happiness. Take note, no one ever told me about this idea, this was all me. I have never been wrong in my whole entire life.

But then it hit me, why would I make everyone around me happy if someone was hoping to do the opposite to me? And realizing that, I started making a list of the things I have to do for myself instead.

Don’t hate the haters, instead, use their hate on you to point them to the right direction

If they hate you because they see you as something that people MUST NOT ever become, then help them realize what they think is the path that they must grow into, it is the only thing that you could ever do for them since they are convinced down to the bone that you are bad news. Don’t worry, if they made a mistake choosing their own path, let experience be the best teacher for them. Trust me, it works.

Stop expecting something to happen, start doing things to make something happen

You got this New Year’s resolution for this year, most of the time, you would expect them to be accomplished with little action. Little did we know, our efforts can lift us up past the boundaries that we’ve never have even expecting to reach. It never hurts to do a little more of what we plan to do. You plan to do a 30-minute jog? Why not go for an additional 15 minutes? You set the alarm for an hour advance so that you could go to work on time? Why not allot additional 30 minutes so you could lay out your plans for the day. It never hurts to do a little extra for something you are yearning to do.

Always pray, worship and give thanks for everything that you have

You grab some bills from you wallet to pay for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You try to find some change inside your coin purse to use for your everyday travel. You wake up safe and sound in your room in the morning. These simple blessings can be overlooked if you don’t appreciate the things around you. You see people beg, play an instrument in the street or even kneeling just to get some spare change from people passing in front of them, day-by-day. Be thankful, pray for the blessings you have right now, worship and give thanks for what you acquired. At the end of the day, we are always the lucky ones. Especially you, reading this post right now.

The list may be short, but it helped me picked myself up and stop pleasing people around me and started to help them by helping myself first. That is how I found my happiness. :)

“We did not notice the little things we already have because we chose not to appreciate and see their worth, even if these things are standing right before our very eyes.”

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