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How can we know from an empirical basis, not just an anecdotal one, that White Privilege is the root cause of the different life trajectories of you and your friend, and not something else? What is the Null Hypothesis for White Privilege? In other words, what types of data could we find that would disprove the theory? As you know, without a Null Hypothesis a theory cannot be held as being valid, and should actually be treated with great care and even alarm — for example, Original Sin. Since there is empirically no evidence of a God or gods, the idea of Original Sin must be invalid — yet it persisted for many years because it was very useful to a select few, who were able to use it to guilt people into devoting their lives to atoning for an imaginary wrong they never committed. In fact, it was most effective on the ‘best’ people, who were more susceptible to the guilty feelings.

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