Status emoji campaign

INTRO (don’t bother reading if you are impatient): Well, Status is trying to make us all tree huggers, and sometimes it feels a little Kool-Aid-y, and sometimes the responses you get from the team and community sound a bit open-ended and reminiscent of Stephan Tual in his classic round-about ways when trying to explain that the DAO was not a crowdsale.

All that to say, I’m in! I am drinking the Kool-Aid. Why? Because why not!? $Crypto is fun.


EARN FREE STATUS RIGHT NOW! Here’s how it works!

The “official” Contribution Period is June 17th. Before then, the team is running a community building exercise of sorts and is giving away up to 10% of the total tokens for people who get involved. The parameters for allocation are completely subjective, at the discretion of the team.

-> You post something awesome in the Slack, something that “creatively” promotes Status (you got it, this post is my effort :)

-> Then, if 5 people react to your post with a “heart” emoji, a Slack bot with assign you a “Status” emoji.

  • > The team then reviews each 5-heart-emoji post, and if they think you are worthy, you will be contacted to provide an address for the SGT distribution

KAPISH? Can you 5-heart me now? Thanks!