Budots Budots dance. The fun side of Philippines and Filipino people.

Volunteers BArt from Poland James from London, UK with local kid.

I came to the Philippines for the first time to help with emergency response and reconstruction after typhoon Yolanda in 2013–11–08. I arrived in Cebu airport from Singapore after my land travel from Thailand via Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I had no idea what to expect from Philippines. All I knew is that Manny Pacquiao boxer is from there, there are some nice islands, people are rather short and many domestic workers i have seen sitting on sunday on the streets of HongKong come from that country.

Volunteers in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. Poland, Canada and Australia.

When I arrived to Cebu, my first reaction were mixed. City rather impoverished with many ancient diesel vehicles moving crowded commuters on the streets without pavements. “What a sh*thole.” said Australian commenting on amount of dust and smoke in the air. That taught was soon washed away from my brain by Red Horse, Tanduay 65, Golden Eagle and San Miguel Negra beer, my favourite alcoholic drinks. Abundance of smiling ladies is another feature that was contrary to rather grim scenario.

Bantayan Island, shoreline 50km in Visayan Sea, Tanon Strait. North of Cebu Island and less than 200km road to Cebu Metro area and Mactan International Airport.

After early morning arrival to town of Santa Fe, damage done to infrastructure and shoddy housing by the winds of Yolanda was enormous. What struck me the most was resilience of affected people who didn’s seem to be showing any form of trauma or anxiety. In contrast with Tacloban where storm surge tsunami caused thousands of deaths. Visayas area was rather quiet and sparred from apocalyptic destruction that is becoming a common sight on the screens of our electric devices and sattelite sensors.
There were no roofs on most buildings, promptly covered with tarps to shelter inhabitants from uv rays of powerful sunlight in that lattiutude (10N).

Locals enjoyed drink, singing and dance. Santa Fe is a party town in the island of 50km shoreline with its population of 170 000 and a house to numerous foreigners, expacts, retirees, sex tourists, paedophiles an other mostly white old folks.

Few venues of Entertainment on the Islands were frequented by us, volunteers, often after consumption of local rhum brand — Tanduay.
Me and my Candian, French, Polish, Czech, Russian and Danish, American friends enjoyed popular bars frequented by older generation: Coucou, Blue Ice or excellent authentic Italian restaurant: Cafe Del Mare. But it was Cactus disco bar when the first time in my life i heard the tune of Budots Budots dance.

Budots is a form of 140 bpm (beats per minute) electronic dance music popular in the Philippines, popularized by radio stations like 97.1 LuPigSila and you-tubers like CamusBoyz from Davao City in Mindanao, Philippines.
Budots2 is also present on the radio, but most common for cellphone speaker, fiesta party soundsystemsor internet. There are several accounts with budots music on soundcloud.


I was very lucky to witness Filipino hospitality and kind spirits fueled by alcohol, sex and sun in this tropical paradise. Budots is something i will remember and introduce to my friends and audience around the world.

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