Over the past 12 years, I’ve accumulated several hundred bits of unfinished original writing. Ranging from fully written articles, to partial outlines, to research notes, to scrawled sentence fragments that I can’t even read.

Though they span a wide range of topics, all of these pieces of writing have one thing in common: they are unpublished.

They sit in a big, digital pile on my computer (and all my devices, thanks to the magic of the cloud!). Where these ideas were once a source of inspiration, they now cause me a tremendous amount of stress and guilt.

I’ve accumulated an…

This is a pile of old ideas that I had collected and partially developed over a period of many years.

I wrote about the process of accumulating these ideas, the stress it caused me, and how I ultimately decided to resolve the situation in an article called How I Got Out of Idea Debt.

This list is sort of an appendix to that article, and isn’t really intended to be read on its own (or at all). I’d strongly recommend checking out out the Idea Debt article if you plan to read this one.

The original Pile of ideas was…

John Sexton

Designer and Strategy Consultant. Gaming enthusiast. Powered by Curiosity + Grit. Husband, father, nerd, PhD. https://sexton.design

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