Harmful patterns of thought, become harmful patterns in UI, become harmful patterns of behavior

A photo of Instagram’s like tooltip with 0 hearts, recreated in neon against a black background.

My path to product design and design systems wasn’t linear. I’ve bounced around different design disciplines and working environments, gravitating towards places with loose definitions of what a designer’s role is.

I like too much of the process — from the strategy, to the implementation, to the way teams get…

We’re taking the queer experience in design out of the closets and into spreadsheets

The queer design count 2019 banner

A survey designed by and for the queer community

The idea for the Queer Design Count came to me and my cofounder Rebecca last year, shortly after the launch of our community for queer designers.

We had just finished analyzing the data from AIGA’s Design Census to compare responses from LGBTQ+ designers to their cisgender heterosexual peers. A surprising…

Creating an organization where LGBTQ+ designers can thrive

This is the third in a multi-part series on LGBTQ+ inclusion in design. Check out the first two articles on why LGBTQ+ inclusion in design matters and how bias manifests in design organizations.

Bias is a design problem

LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately represented in design compared to the broader population. And yet, they fare unequally…

LGBTQ+ designers are here, queer, and being overlooked

This is the first in a multi-part series on LGBTQ+ inclusion in design. After your done with this article, read how bias shows up in design practices, and how to build an inclusive workplace.

Design is queer as in LGBTQ+, not gay as in happy

In the AIGA’s 2019 Design Census, 15% of respondents identified as LGBTQ+. Compared to the estimated…

Don’t let unethical leadership define the limits of your work

“Anyone who doesn’t understand how free trials work is a fucking idiot. I’m sorry, but have they used the internet?”

I was presenting months of brand research to the CEO of a company I no longer work for. (We’ll get there.) Customers, employees, and members of our target market all…

Get to Know Queer Design Club through Its Members’ Top Locations, Skills, and Inspiration

A smiling group of four queer design club members in front of a colorful mural in the Mission.

It’s hard to believe that Queer Design Club is 3 months old! Since launching at the start of Pride month (a.k.a June), our club has grown to:

But it’s not…

The Value of LGBTQ+ Professional Community

John presenting slides to audience wearing a pale pink oxford underneath a holographic leather bulldog harness.

Earlier this month, I had the amazing experience of talking at Queer X Design, an event co-sponsored by Queer Design Club and newly formed collective Ubiety. Hosted by All Turtles, it was a lively discussion among folks working at the intersection of queer identity and design practice.

Micah Rivera gave…

Designers must turn down work that supports evil, and the industry must stand behind them

BBrunhilde Pomsel was the personal secretary to Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda. Even at the end of her life, she felt little remorse, saying, “I didn’t do anything other than type in Goebbels’ office.” She is a cautionary figure for designers.

On the fourth of July, a tweet from…

John Voss

Designer with a heart of gold and mouth like a sailor. Cares about how the work we do impacts others. Also talks fitness and feelings. www.jovo.design

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