eCommerce EMAIL DEEP DIVE series: Checkout Abandonment (4 of 10)


Sample Email

  • Dynamic blocks to show cart items
  • Useful copy
  • No cheesy we miss you stuff

How to do it

One SMS and Three Emails:

  1. SMS #1 — Activate within 1–2 hours of abandonment. Link to responsive checkout.
  2. Email #1 — Activate 3–4 hours of abandonment. Encourage reader to finish checkout. Address possible source of friction. Highlight buy now, pay later options, etc.
  3. Email #2 — Send a day after Email #1. Give offer, if available. Address possible source of friction.
  4. Email #3 — Last email with offer — 24 hours left (from offer in Email #2)

Subject Lines

  • Complete your order
  • Finish checkout




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