say hi to never

She let a sigh out the car window hoping he would hear it from the driver’s seat. She told him she wanted to nap on the way back. The truth is she has to process the whole “non-relationship” relationship bullshit they are in. She can’t keep on pretending that everything is fine. She needs a way out. She needs a cleanse from guys…like him.

This weekend has been hard for her. Chemistry is dying. Trust is broken. Romance is just not the same anymore. Nostalgically she revisits the scene they first met over and over again in her head. The guy who smiled at her and gave her all the attention is not the same as the guy driving right now with a phone in his hand, stealthily replying to his Tinder messages thinking she was asleep next to him.

He barely acknowledges her existence on their dates. It is almost as if people in his phone are more important or is he being a millennial who lives in his phone? She keeps giving excuses for his actions and now she is done. Or is she?

The end is coming. She should have expected the same outcome even before she met him in person right? Social media can tell you so much about the person. Look at how he interacts with other girls on Instagram. Look at who responds to his posts on Facebook. Read into everything a little too much. She knew exactly.

She was drowning deeper in her own sorrow, second by second. There is no point in holding onto the last strand when the weight is dragging her down. This is not the first time ( or even nineth or more times) she went through this type of easy-come-easy-go relationship. She should be used to it by now, right? She is a fuccboi magnet after all.

It’s morning again. The end of the week. The end of this unknown thing. Tracing her finger along his arm, she feels the connection she once had. It is fading slowly but it is still there. It is time to let go quietly without the words ever to be uttered, the feelings ever to be revealed or the actions only to be reserved for a real partner in this day. Say hi to another happily never after.

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