30 Months and Counting For 77 Days of Lily

//dev writeup #1 for 77 Days of Lily— oct. 14 2016 8:21pm.

Goddamn it, writing out a VN is big.

I sit here about 30 months after my last major project with about 17,000 words in the bank of writing this story and I realise how actually large this project is.

I’ve been on the backs of many failed projects for quite a large uncomfortable amount of times. I’ve managed to scrap a musical project that had been literally entirely composed, but just because I couldn’t manage to make it sound right in the DAW. This has happened four times. It sucks, mostly. But that’s not where this project ends.

This project is called 77 Days of Lily, and it is a rework of a conceptualised project I conceptualised back in 2014. To help pump me up, I even —


Unfortunately, “conceptualised” doesn’t really mean anything unless it gets completed. I’ve got the art of conceptualisation down to a friggin’ science! My partner in crime with this project Lyndis Mushin told me about the worst dream she could ever remember having in the foodcourt of a local store and within a literal second I was able to have a comprehensive and satisfying ending that would make sense of all the nonsense and unconnected ideas that go into something as random as dreaming.

I really don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, because I consider this a major problem! An engine that runs so efficiently that it shreds the chassis of the car that contains it is a shitty car.

Dammit I know that’s not how cars work but the point I’m trying to make is that there is a fundamental imbalance in my methodology of creation and it leads to too many ideas falling apart at the seams as the process of creating is factorially slower that the process of conceptualising.

So that’s why I’ve been so hard stuck on this project and I’m writing this kinda mainly for myself — but also if some chance this project were to make it to publication I could look back at laugh at how outrageously immature I was at the start of it.

There’s a good amount of time for the coming weekend for me to get a really good chunk of this project written and I think I’m going to write up another write up another write up another writeup then. Maybe I’ll get to talk about what we’re doing with it in a way that doesn’t completely spoil every piece of the story!

I was told that writing is good for me and that starting is the hardest part. I guess this is some kind of precursor to me actually getting work done and documenting it to boot, so that’s kinda good! Even writing this much feels good, almost as if I’m able to see the colours starting to fill into this huge project.

I’ve managed to write something near 500 words so far and I didn’t even start really talking about the project of 77. Everything pretty much has to start from somewhere so I guess this is about a good a time as any:

This is Lily.

She is flirty and fun, but has no understanding of personal space.

She starts the game by breaking into your home.

She promises to not make a mess.

Good luck with that.

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