Free Will and Willfully Unprofessional

//dev writeup #2 for 77 Days of Lily — oct. 19 2016 8:03am

The sun is up and that’s scary.

I’ve managed to get done an exceptional amount of writing, something around 2000 more words. It might not be that impressive to a seasoned writer, but for someone who struggled to hit 500 words in school, I’m kinda proud of that number.

I also came up with an idea that I’m excited to share with the main programmer of this project to ease a bunch of my worries with publishing this story.

Basically I want to avoid people thinking the game as a “walking simulator” considering the game portion of this project is kinda a balance of Time Management and Storytelling, but I know that’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea! I’ve been thinking about how to solve this problem and the closest I’ve got that could be construed as a solution is two have two modes of play.

The intended gamey style of balancing life with schoolwork and the new linear mode that becomes more like a traditional Visual Novel, letting you not worry about controls and menus and the scary possibility of losing out on content!

Manual or Automatic? That would be a weird way to describe it.

Hardcore or Casual? Neither really apply, and I know some people see the word Casual as a insult to character.

Oh! I think I just got it.

Freewill and Storybook.

Boom. That’s a design problem solved right then and there.

Damn, I should do this more often.

Shoutouts to Scrivener being available on Linux and being pretty cool about letting me work on depreciated software without being mad.

Shoutouts to all the people who have been super duper supportive of this project, even though few you might be.

Shoutouts to me for actually getting work done. Writing this dev writeups has been really good for my health in both the project and me personally. Awesome.

I only hope the really loose style of development doesn’t come back to bite me. It probably won’t but the last thing I want to hear from some PR type individual is to “make it more professional.”

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