Shredding Lettuce

An inside look into our product decisions

Let’s take a look!


Here is visual summary of what we’ve been up to for the last 2 weeks. We’re working hard to add in the community’s feedback. Download Here! Please let us know your thoughts at We read every email!

Sign up text

Clearer Sign-up flow

Creating a Lettuce account is as simple as sending a pre-filled text! However, people were having a lot of trouble understanding what “Save your progress” meant. This led to many people pressing “Not Now” out of fear or confusion. We changed the explanation text to be clearer, and made the “Yes” relatively larger to guide people to that choice. Hopefully the % Sign up number will shoot up from ~20% to ~70%. Thanks to Adam for the solid feedback on this!

New Feed
Old Feed (for reference)

Better Photo Feed

We were getting a lot of requests to add a one line description to each restaurant, and make the map easier to access. To address this, we added in two images, one with the map for easy access, and one with the first Foursquare tip (for the description). Thanks to Akiva for the great design idea!

Deck View

The Deck View

We added the ability to look at past likes, and create and share “decks” of recommendations. When you create a deck, you can share it with a friend and they can swipe through your recommendations. We’ll add more sharing options soon!

New Transitions
Old Transition (for reference)

Unified Feel

A lot of people were saying that they wanted all the features to feel like it was in Lettuce. Instead of trying to create our own Maps, menu, etc, we made it so all the extra features pop up from below. This keeps you in the app and makes it feel like everything is in one place!

Miscellaneous Improvements

For clarity and utility, we changed the card. First, we made all the buttons an “active color” so it was clearer that they were buttons. We also added text to describe what each button did.

Many people said that before they could really make a decision, they need to see the menu and some reviews. We added both of those; one as a button in the card, and the other below it.

Finally, to better match the iOS design language, we changed that chat icon to a share icon. Right now, it does the same thing (opens up messenger) but soon you will be able to share on a variety of networks. The share icon gives us more flexibility in that regard and it is more accurate.


That’s what’s new in this build! We’ve been very busy in these last few weeks trying to create the best experience for you. Our next goals are to add:

1. A filter for the card feed and for the likes

2. A better algorithm for serving the cards

3. Adding and matching with friends

As well as anything you think of. Please email us at to give us your feedback and we’ll put it to good use! And if you don’t have it yet, download the app here. Thanks for reading! The password is 28–10–15.