Effectively Hire, Seeking CEO of new Boulder Startup

At my company Effectively — a startup, innovation and diversity lab in Denver, Colorado — we’re building Effectively Hire — an HR Tech Startup focused on a few, fun and important things; 1) giving people a new channel to their next opportunity 2) helping companies find and onboard exceptional team members from a very diverse pipeline and set of business and startup communities 3) focused on more women and minorities to be placed into opportunity 4) changing the way people who are “hiring” find people who are “looking” for their next amazing career opportunity and 5) helping companies by removing bias during their hiring practices.

We’re starting out by working with a Colorado-based technology Startup lab, an incubator who vets and validates their ideas and then relies on Effectively Hire to find them their core Co-founding team members to start building those vetted ideas into successful products and companies.

In May 2016 we kicked off our first pilot customer and we helped one of their new Startups, Cubspot hire their Co-founder and CMO in less than 3 weeks and the team is now off to the races.

We are currently seeking Startup Co-founder, CEO leaders who would be a good fit for another incredibly exciting Startup, currently called LIOHI (Love It Or Hate It).

LIOHI is an eCommerce plug in/ application that is going to change how people make their purchasing decisions beginning with Amazon. LIOHI will give customers a simple way to search for items, then request real-time advice from friends, colleagues and family before making an in-app purchase.

LIOHI currently needs its leader! Its CEO. Is that you?

If you are a business founder, with eCommerce expertise. An individual who builds strategic decision making models backed by data, understands finance, and operations. Has experience managing large teams, able to meet challenges with a fresh perspective and most importantly you’re honest and open and looking for your next big opportunity to take a Startup to market and build the team, submit yourself right now as CEO and we’ll be in touch.

Are you ready to join a new venture? Are you entrepreneurial by nature with a ton of expertise to become a Co-founder of the right project? Have you been in limbo with what to do next in your career? Do you have experience in starting new companies, successfully? Have you been looking for an easier way to be matched up with a new entrepreneurial venture? Do you enjoy working with other super smart people? Are you looking for an opportunity to build your next successful product or company?

Here’s your shot — Apply today, whether for CEO per the current need described above or if you fit another core role chose that instead because we’ll need to fill that role soon too.

We look forward to meeting you along your journey to find your next big thing, and our journey to build the technology that changes how people connect with opportunity. Any questions, email us at: info@effectively.co