Advocating The 4PM — 5PM Work Day

Patrick Macomber
Sep 15, 2015 · 2 min read

Do you find yourself living in a prison of your own success? Do people rely on you for 10:30 AM meetings? It’s all an illusion, man. Boundaries set up by some old dust fart that didn’t have friends to party with from 9–3:59. You have friends, 623 of them according to Facebook. And it’s time to take back you’re life.

Here are some reasons for you to cut the cord from corporate USA and get that 1 hour day.

  1. 4–5 is literally the most productive hour ever. There have been other hours where you’ve gotten shit done, but think about the last hour of the day. What if every hour you work was the last hour of the day. Your brain is working overtime. Fuckin’ Nobel-level shit.
  2. People don’t need you. Chances are the only reason they’re leaning on you so much is you’re always there. Like a wall. Part of the building. Don’t be a wall.
  3. You can get mad cut. Think about it: you can get movie star buff from your 9–11 workout. That dude that played Wolverine will be jelly AF.
  4. The poler ice caps. Science has long stated that 8-hour days hate mother nature. The poler bears are sitting there waiting for you to get out of that meeting, and it hasn’t even started yet.
  5. I assume other countries do it. Check this out: Slovenia. Reykjavik. Sumatra. Are those countries or coffee beans? Either way they got their shit figured out.

Look. Does science back this up? Absolutely not. Is it a great idea? Am I unemployed? Maybe. Or maybe I just disrupted the hell out of the game.

See you at 4.

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