Seriously. Knock it off.

You’ve gone for days without hitting the amount of likes on Dribbble that you’re used to hitting. No one’s been RTing your hilariously industry-relevant tweets. The entire internet sympathizes with your creative funk. We get that you’re uninspired.

Ugh, you’ve been solving the same problems for months and it’s just capitol ‘B’ Boring. The west coast is too slow for you. The east coast is full of assholes. The mid-west is full of… mid-westerners. You can’t stand another day of these incompetent account people. No one’s challenging you.You need a jolt to your system. You need a change that kicks you into that next level.

Or. Maybe you just need to quit. It’s pretty popular for people to jump on the you-should-change-jobs bandwagon when you’re all twisted up with self doubt. It’s not like you need this drama in your life. It’s bringing all of us down. Or perhaps you try a less traveled route: getting some perspective.

Do you realize how amazing it is to be able to just think of something and get money for it? I mean. For a second take a moment to realize that all this time you’re spending staring at your Google Analytics, wondering why it hasn’t spiked in months, that you literally get to imagine stuff for a living. You get to eat food and drink liquids and purchase goods for entertainment with money that they give you for having an imagination. So quit. Stop it.

No. No buts. Odds are, you’re in a funk because you think you’re supposed to be. You’ve convinced yourself that your happiness has a shelf life. If you’re not having fun, go do something fun. You’re not allowed to be as upset as you are. Yeah I mean if your life is really so shitty, because you don’t like the specific situation in which you have this amazing gift of thinking something up, putting it on paper and exchanging it for respectable sums of money, then yes by all means leave that situation. But just quit with the complaining. Quit trying to get someone to tell you to quit. Snap out of it.

This is your get out of funk free card.